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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

baking Monday

Monday morning - the biscuit jar was empty and visitors due for coffee later.
I turned to my trusted book for something easy and quick and found Anzac biscuits.
Again, using honey instead of sugar, rolled oats mixed with flour and desiccated coconut - sounded just the thing. I should had used dried blueberries, but I had only some dried cranberries and some sultanas in my kitchen cupboard, mixed together - just enough. Actually, I prefer cranberries anyway, I like their sharper taste.

Easy, quick and delicious.

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Saturday, 30 April 2016

looking for bluebells

Spring is late this year, at least by 2 - 3 weeks, may be more. We are still having night frosts and hailstone showers during the day, but they are telling us that warmer weather will be coming our way later next week. 

At last - I am itching to plant up pots outside, and generally spend more time in the garden.

Bluebells should be out everywhere, but although they are out on the sunny banks, they are only starting to open in more shady areas.

DH and I took a long walk this morning, to the woods above Stourhead, to find some bluebells to take pictures of.

Besides the garden, the Stourhead Estate covers a large, mainly wooded area.

The point marked "you are here" is at the start of the Park Hill Camp, believed to had been an iron age settlement.
 It is now an open grassy area, in the past years by now covered by a blue carpet of bluebells.
Today the picture is very different, with bluebells only just starting to show themselves.

We had more luck in the surrounding woods.

We should be well used to it, but every year we look forward to this sight - carpets of blue flowers, gently nodding their heads.

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calculator retirement

"Hanging up my calculator" - that's how I will remember this week. 
Although officially retired some years ago, I continued working part time. 
But this week was my last working week; even part time work means a routine, deadlines, set hours, having to be somewhere on time.
My brain is willing, but the rest of me has been saying for sometime - no more, it is time....

As my little friend said: more time for sewing, grandma :-)

Monday, 25 April 2016

bluebell time

Despite the continuing cold weather, the bluebells are opening out in more sheltered places.
I haven't yet taken any good pictures myself this year; this is one was taken by my son yesterday, just a couple of miles from here.

You can see how slow this year's spring is;
my picture in the header was taken exactly at the same time in April few years ago and you can see how much greener it was then.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Craft4Crafters - Stef Francis

As I mentioned yesterday, I made another visit to the show, this time with my little friend, who spent her pocket money in no time at all.
Where does she get that from, I wonder? ;-)
But she is happy :-)

A nice man at Stef Francis stand let me take pictures of some of the exhibits.

So here is some inspiration for you:

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