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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

hapazome stitchery becomes project5-embellished fabric book

My embroidery on the hapazome sample has become a stitch sampler, so I have decided to treat it as another project for my fabric book (when I eventually put it together). Also, the size is just right. I have enjoyed this little embroidery and I look forward to do something like this again later in summer, when plants with stronger colours will be around.
While I was taking pictures around the garden, I managed to catch this lovely bee on the phlox.


Jensters said...

Wow such wonderful stitching....love it.

DIAN said...

This design is so simple and clear and yet there is so much to see. I love the use of beads too.
You really have done a great job with this project.

The bee is gorgeous too. I always love to see pics of plants and bugs.

DIAN said...

Can't we just see a little of the work in progress. I love seeing what people are working on.

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