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Sunday, 30 May 2010

sunday, sunday

There is so much more to do in the garden now, we have been watering not only pots, but the whole garden, that is how warm and dry it has been throughout May. Cooler last few days, even some rain, but enough to make much difference.

Some presents for my birthday, a quilt book from the American Museum in Bath, which I wanted, and a bag for some projects to take on holiday.

We plan to go to Scandinavia again this year. We had been there many times before, we started going camping there when our children were small. Sweden is a great country for camping, with very good camp sites and very child friendly.
When our children grew up, we carried on. Our camping days are over, we like a bit more comfort now, so we rent a cottage. We have explored various parts of Sweden and Norway over the years.
For various reasons we still like to take a car, in the past it was easy to get a direct 24 hour ferry from England to Sweden or Norway, but those routes no longer exist, probably with the coming of fly-drive packages. So now we have to take a longer route, 18 hour ferry to Denmark, drive to the north of the country and take a shorter ferry to Sweden, which means an extra time and cost.
I always find a lot of inspiration in those countries, specially their fabrics, colours and home furnishings and decorations. One of the reasons why we need the car, there is always something we just "have to have".

I will have to decide which books and project to take with me, nothing too complicated, something easy to pick up and put down. I will probably get some blocks ready for my Tail Feathers quilt, ready to be embroidered. Or something from my UFO's? I know I will change my mind a few times yet!

Few years ago we planted some large irises in our garden, but they did not do very well, so we have moved them to various places around the garden and in the end have given up. There are lots of thing we can't grow because our garden is very exposed to the strong west winds. But this year we have a surprise! This beautiful iris has made it!


  1. This is the best time of year in the gardens Love the flowers!

  2. Radka, lovely pictures again. The iris is breathtaking. Pleased you received a book of your choice for your birthday [and belated good wishes to you]. I love your header photo, it's amazing, and the chair looks to me to be the place to be!!! What a glorious garden/yard, so different to what I see here.

  3. Thanks for your comments Radka. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Did you enjoy your book. Hope the holiday is all that you want it to be. Your garden looks pretty. love the Iris.too.

  4. Your new book looks fabulous as does the iris. They are the most amazing blooms.

  5. Happy holiday, I wish you relaxed days!

  6. Hallo
    How Nice to hear that you have queen of Sweden....very beatiful, but light fragrance..
    And you live in "David Austin land" :)

  7. Love your garden in the title! It is stunning.

  8. This iris is stunning too. I have a few different bearded iris but none like this one.


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