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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

what am I stitching now?

I have had this book for a long time and every time I looked at it, I just wanted to get stitching, but then I looked at the details... and I put it back on the shelf.
But last night I actually started. It is going to be a slow work, because quite a bit of it is new to me.
Schwalm embroidery is of a German origin, very similar to Hedebo from Denmark.
It incorporates various surface stitches, pulled fabric, drawn thread, needlelace and needleweaving. Traditional design is based on 'tree of life', which include hearts, tulips, the sun, pine cones, flowers, fruit, leaves, dove...
To practice as many stitches as possible, I have decided to make a sampler.

And there is the Fabric book cover, which I have been collecting bits for, but at the moment I just don't seem to have any inspiration as to the design. It would a shame to spoil the lovely piece of silk I have chosen for it.

I am also working on Tail Feathers quilt, see post 9th April.


  1. the schwalm always looks so beautiful. I look forward to seeing the results.

    I agree with you about not spoiling the silk - you will be inspired when the time is right. I love all the bits you are collecting in the mean time.

  2. Im love the schwalm it is stunning...i too am in love with silk at the moment, so i to would say wait for that inspiring moment x

  3. Wow!What delicate and beautiful embroidery.Silk is so beautiful to work with. Keep going with the Schalm embroidery.I've never seen it before. Looks tricky.


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