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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

finnished project

A cushion with hardanger applique finished at last.


  1. Loving the colour and little hearts around the edge...wonderful.

  2. Radka, congratulations on finishing this lovely piece of hardanger. Mounting it this way really looks lovely. Isn't it wonderful to have that feeling of putting another project behind you. Well done and thank you for sharing your pretty embroidery.

  3. Happy belated birthday from me too. I love your hardanger cushion and have never thought of appliquing the finished hardanger. I might just make a couple of 8x8" panels and make a couple of 12x12" cushions just to see how kind the pets actually are. Our current pair who have been with us for a while are great. The previous moggie we had was an absolute terror in the most loving way LOL. They would not have stood up to him sprinting through the place playing tag chasey with our current dog. Doogie hasn't done this since the bad influence became one of the dearly departed and the current cat is soooo laid back it takes him hours to decide wether to chase the ball or just flop back down again. That's ragdolls for you LOL.

  4. Beautiful! I would never be able to finish that! LOL

  5. Love the cushion Radka. I love Hardanger, but don't to it myself. Never thought of appliquing it onto something.


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