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Thursday, 22 July 2010

infinity cushion

The start of this project dates to 2008, when this copy of the Inspirations magazine came through the letterbox. I just loved the cushion. To be very honest, I love most of the projects in Inspirations, an Australian magazine, published by the Country Bumpkin, but of course, one can't do them all.
But I knew I have to make this cushion, called Infinity, by Kris Richards of Australia, and I wanted to make it in that fabric and colour. I knew this combination of fabrics would probably be quite difficult to get her in UK, it was a lot more simple to order the fabric directly from the Country Bumpkin.

It has taken me all this time to complete the cushion, with other projects in between, but here it is at last!




  1. Oh Radka what a wonderful cushion and so beautifully stitched. I have folders full of copies of Inspirations with projects marked for "some day"!

  2. Its stunning. I love the embroidery on this and must say it is on my to do list one day too. You have done a marvelous job of it.

  3. Well i certainly havnt minded so stunning and just glad ive got to see it....well done in finishing it.

  4. Radka, this is exquisite. Your photographs are just beautiful and so well placed. I love this post, but not nearly as much as the cushion. Your stitching is so beautifully done. Congratulations, well worth the effort.

  5. Radka, as the others have said, this is absolutely perfect. It is one of my favourites too but I would never attempt it.

    Congratulations on finishing it.

  6. Fantastic great embroidery. You are a master with an embroidery needle! I LOVE it !!

  7. Radka,
    came to your blog through have beautiful blog..I just love this embroidery on cushions..perfect stitching and soft colours make it look very elegant..


  8. Gracias por tu visita y tu comentario porque me ha dado la posibilidad de conocer tu blog y tus preciosos trabajos, me han encantado!!
    Besos, Mamen.

  9. Krásný polštář,povedl se vám.Přeji krásný víkend...


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