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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sweden 2010 - getting there

It is Friday 11 June and we are starting on what turns out to be 2,000 miles journey. We decided to spend this year's holiday in Sweden, with a short visit to Norway to visit friends. It is 3 years since we travelled in that direction and we are looking forward to all that we already know from our previous visits, and to all the new.
Our trip starts with a few hours drive to Harwich on the east coast of England, for a ferry to Esbjerg in Denmark, which takes 18 hours.

In the past we could take a ferry direct from England to Sweden or Norway, but those routes no longer exists and the only way for us to get there by car is to drive across Denmark, which adds time and cost to the journey.

Here we are waiting to board the ferry and then leaving England behind.

I am not a very good sailor, but over the years I have learned to control my problem and I enjoy this part of the holiday.

We arrive in Denmark at midday the following day and drive north, to the port of Frederikshaven and an evening ferry to Gothenburg in Sweden. The drive is not much to write about, it is wet and windy. In just over 3 hours after boarding the ferry we arrive in Sweden, it is nearly midnight, it is dark (which is unusual for Sweden this time of year) because of the rain, and the first part of the road is full of roadworks! Not a good start. But we decide to press on, as this is only a start of a long drive north, to the Dalarna region and the proper start of our holiday.

On Sunday afternoon at last we arrive to what is going to be our home for next 2 weeks, "Fyrkloverns Stugby" in Rattvik. The sun comes out and all is well!

The site is high above the town, overlooking the lake Siljan. It is well laid out, with lots of space between the individual cottages. And the views are fantastic!


  1. thanks for the grogeous pics of the beginning of your holiday. Sweden is a country I have little knowledge of and this is so interesting.

  2. Scandinavia is a part of the world I have never visited so I am looking forward to hearing more of your travels.


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