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Monday, 30 August 2010

Christmas birds

Last week I visited our local Community Centre.
The Centre supports many activities and it is a home to various groups. It relies greatly on work of volunteers, who also look after a lovely garden.

I joined the Textile group, which meets every week. The purpose of the group is mainly social, where people can just drop in, bring whatever they are working on, have a coffee and a chat, and possibly get help with anything they need.
Occasionally they work on a group project. The current one is the decoration of a Christmas tree.
Every year the Textile group decorates one of the trees in a local church and they choose a different theme every year. This year's theme is "birds". So, I have been playing a little over the weekend and these are my birds for the tree. I will take them with me to the next meeting. They have been fun to do, a welcome change to the things I normally make.


  1. yes, its good to sometimes have to think outside your normal box, the birds are very sweet.

  2. Lovely little bird ornaments Radka, what a great idea. Are you going to make more?? Is the one here in the front of the picture [with it's back to us] red and navy?? It looks like it would be my favourite. I am toying with some Christmas themed work at the moment also, after all, it won't be long and it will be upon us!!!

  3. Oh gosh, Radka, I LOVE those bird ornaments. And of course my favorite is the blue and red one! They are just delightful. That is sure to be a wonderful Christmas tree!



  4. Radka, the extra photos are excellent. I still think the navy/red is my favourite, but the cream with sheer strips for the tail and crest is so cute. I think they are gorgeous and can see that despite what they are, they would not be quick to make.

  5. What lovely little birds Radka.They will look beautiful on the tree.

    Every 2 years a local church has a huge project where they invite lots of community groups to display a decorated tree. So beautiful.Woukld love to see your photos later!

    Nice to get out and join others for a chat etc isn't it.

  6. Thank you so much for your comment, we are looking forward to seeing you at the Vintage Bazaar. Do please tell all your friends about it!

  7. Lovely birds, they will look nice a the tree.

  8. Moc hezké,já už taky šiju vánoční ozdoby.Nejvyšší čas.Ha,ha.Mirka


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