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Monday, 9 August 2010

how is my garden?

We are having one the driest summers in many, many years and any occasional rain just doesn't make any difference.
Some plants seem to take it in their stride, but parts of our garden are now suffering and we are even watering some shrubs just to keep them alive, which we have never done before.
We would hate to loose any of the hybrid azaleas, they give us so much pleasure in the spring, they seem to be the most affected.

Hydrangeas too are taking it badly. This is  hydrangea Annabelle, last year's blooms were double the size they are now.

But at least it has some flowers, some of the other hydrangeas struggle to have any flowers at all.

Some shrubs seem to love the dry conditions. The hibiscus was moved to his new position last year and
and it is doing well in the new place.

This is clematis Polish Spirit. It is one of the best, it comes back every year, covered in masses of flowers, and this year it is the same.

There is always the conservatory, where the geraniums are doing very well and give a lot of colour.

                                                 Also the hoya loves it here.


  1. EL jardin es muy bonitoy las plantas ,luchadoras y muy lindas
    Muchos besos:Mayte

  2. looks fine to me, specially the clematis, ours is always a bit staggley

  3. Hi Radka! We, too, are having a very hot and dry summer. I am having to water my hydrangeas and azaleas almost every day! My coneflowers are doing okay as they like the heat and can tolerate the dry conditions, but the rest of my garden looks horrible! I'm just hoping that I don't lose a lot of my plants this year!



  4. We have been in a drought situation for ten years and the first shrubs we lost were the Azaleas. Over the years I have replaced the places with Geraniums . Once Geraniums were seen in every garden then all the exotic plants came in vogue and the humble Geranium was lost to the gardens. I have a 30 year old Hoya on the front porch , doesn't look anything like yours.

  5. Its hard for some flowers when we dont have to much rain....the photos are stunning tho and so pretty x

  6. still such beautiful flowers. We are just having our wettest winter in a very long time. 10-12 years of below average rainfall ans shocking heatwaves seem to be over for us. Well fingers crossed it is anyway.

  7. Your garden is so impressive and beautiful.
    My rubber stamps will go in the books I make and on fabric for wall hangings, maybe for cards too.

  8. Lavender color hibiscus is very beautiful.

  9. Gorgeous flowers Radka. Love the hoya, used to have one just like that. Hibiscus is divine, as is the clematis. I have never seen that hydrangea before. We are starting to see some signs of Spring here - my birds' nest fern has new fronds just beginning in it's heart.


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