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Sunday, 12 September 2010

7.15 for Paddington

Let me say right at the beginning, that I am not an official train enthusiast. But I am old enough to remember travelling by steam trains and like many feel nostalgic about the time of steam, not forgetting the old black and white films with scenes from train stations, shrouded in steam and smoke ( and of course I have forgotten the dirt and soot which got in your eyes, but at least you could open the windows and look out ).
So when we were told that last night Bittern was making one his rare journeys through our part of the world, we could not resist to go and see it passing via our small local station on his return trip, from Plymouth to London.
The time was not precise, as the train had to slot into a regular time table, but we were not the only people waiting patiently on the platform, cameras ready. My little camera could not really cope with the speed (yes, speed) of the train passing through, but I got couple of pictures at least. Just look at the length of the train, 12 carriages; we were told by our brother in law, who was lucky enough to be travelling on it, that the train was completely full. Today's trains would have 7 carriages at most. The power of steam!


  1. Thank you for finding my blog- I have enjoyed reading yours and we do have a lot in common- Our love of Sweden for one. My English friend moved there 4 years ago and I enjoy visiting her and seeing Swedish textiles and love buying things for my home there.

  2. He looks like a mighty beast.

  3. I like these photos too Radka. Great experience for those fortunate enough to have a seat. I have not been on a train for over 30 years!!

  4. My husband would have liked to have been on the platform with his camera, he's a steam enthusiast. I will have to show him your photo's.

  5. That.Is.Awesome! I love trains! Hubby and I went on a little dinner train excursion when we were in Florida this past May. The train was coal-powered (steam) and was a vintage train from the 1940's. The inside had been restored and it was so amazing. It was one of my favorite highlights of our trip!



  6. Ahoj Radko
    Tak jsem to u tebe pročetla až k šicímu stroji a moc se mi u Tebe líbí.Vnučka je velice šikovná,řekla bych po babičce.Parní lokomotivy,jééé,milovali jsme je a kdo je zažil,myslím,že má stejný pocit.Zahrádku máš krásnou a máš pravdu,že je těžké myslet na vánoce,když zahrádka tak hezky kvete:-)).Ptáčci jsou nádherný a deky,také budou krásné,jseš opravdu šikovná.No a závěrem.Moje babička měla starou"singrovku"a než jsem mohla začít šít,učila jsem se šlapat,hezky,pravidelně.Krásně se vzpomíná:-).
    Přeji hezký zbytek týdne a dík za hezké čtení.Pa Marťa


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