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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Christmas project

Well, it must be true, Christmas is coming! It started with the Christmas fabric birds. Today the postman brought a packet from Northern Quilts in Norway, a pattern for a Christmas tablecloth "Scandinavian Christmas Hearts". It is BOM, in 4 parts and this is part 1. With it I also ordered Aurifil thread in Christmas red. It is an Italian thread, new to me, so I am quite curious about it.

I do have another two quilts on the go at the moment, but I am getting on with the "Tail Feathers", I am now stitching the last block.

I must admit that it is a bit difficult to seriously think about Christmas, when outside it looks like summer and the garden is still full of colour.


  1. Ahoj Radko:-)
    Máš hezký blog,škoda že nemáš příspěvky také v češtině,jazyky bohužel nevládnu.
    Přeji ti hezké dny,zdraví Marťa:-)
    P.S.Klikla jsem si na tebe u Máci.

  2. Es verdad que la navidad ya la tenemos aqui. Nosotras tambien estamos con los adornos navideños

  3. Time flies so quickly and in 15 weeks it indeed is Christmas again. I think I should also use my sewing machine again which has been neglected for weeks already. But there are still a lot of UFOs to be finished. Somehow I am glad that autumn starts and with it the cooler and rainy days (as actually) are coming again. The perfect time for sewing, stitching etc. Your garden really looks still like summer :-) !
    Have a good time!

  4. Yes, Chrismas time is comming. I thing you have started up an interesting task.

  5. Your garden is a constant delight Radka, I never tire of it, thank you. I will look forward to the Christmas BOM in progress. The others you are working on look lovely too. Hope you will find Autumn pleasant and find time to stitch.

  6. Radka please dont remind of christmas although i do love it...looking forward to the BOM.


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