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Sunday, 19 September 2010


If this picture looks familiar, you probably have seen it before. This view has been photographed many times,
but also, like many properties owned and managed by National Trust, Stourhead house and gardens have been used as a film set on more then one occasion, mainly for making of period films.

It is just some 15 minutes drive from our house and on a day like this it is a pleasure to take a walk around the lake and let the grandchildren explore.

Just some of the view from around the estate.

Spread Eagle Inn

St.Peter's Church

Gothic Cottage



Linda said...

These are more beautiful scenes Radka, and very interesting to me at the moment. I'm working on a rusty vessel which could have been used in the glory days of this castle. I also love the grotto images.

Frances Leate said...

What lovely photos Radka and what an interesting place to visit. I will look out for Stourhead in period films I watch.

Cyndi said...

Oh my gosh, Stourhead is beautiful! I'm sure I've seen it in films, as I love period movies, but can't place any at the moment. I sure would love to visit there, though. How lucky for you that you are so close!



Jensters said...

Wow such wonderful photos you have taken Radka and it looks a wonderful place to visit.

Babara said...

I remember the long walk we had when visiting this famous park, some years ago. It was a sunny, hot summer day and we didn't think the park to be so big :-) ! But it was fantastic!

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