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Friday, 17 September 2010

where has the week gone?

I have taken this picture of a Red Admiral this week. There have been quite a few of them in the garden, feeding on the last fruits left on the plum tree. Eventually one of them settled on the fence to sun himself. Isn't he beautiful?

I have also stitched together all the main blocks of the Tail Feathers quilt.

I am now working on the border, which is made out of 24 log cabin mini blocks, with 4 stitcheries, one in each corner.

We are slowly getting ready for the autumn and the winter. The boiler has been serviced this week and we have filled the tank with heating oil, ready for the central heating to be switched on. The coal also arrived and logs are stacked, both ready for our multi fuel stove, which can keep all of downstairs warm and cosy, when there is no need for having to heat the rest of the house. The days are still beautiful and sunny, but the warmth has gone out of them and the night are getting colder, so the change of the quilt was required.

We are still making most of the weather, with regular trips to the forest.

We have not been picking as many edible mushrooms this week, but this morning's find was enough for our breakfast and to fill up a tray for drying. It is still relatively early, we normally pick well into a late October,
so there is hope yet.

I have also made another bird for the Textile group's Christmas project.

The postman was really good to me this week.

 Two new books from Amazon.

                                                                    Fabric and Tilda stitchery from Tikki.

Moda fabric from Puddleducks.
Aurifil quilting thread from The Tabbycat.                  

And an Australian magazine and Tilda fabric from Coast & Country Crafts & Quilts.

I should have enough faric to choose from to start my "Scandinavian Christmas Hearts" BOM!

And to finnish the week, Workbox magazine arrived this morning.


  1. Wauh what a great week you must have had! It looks so great what the postman brougth you.
    Your Tail Feather Quilt looks beautiful - looking forward to see it as a top and your red bird is lovely.
    Have a nice and relaxing weekend.

  2. Hi and thank you for visiting my blogg earlier this weeek.
    You have a wonderful blogg and I have been enjoying myself...

  3. Hola,la mariposa es preciosa y el pajaro me ha gustado mucho

  4. I like this bird....they are really coming along

  5. You have had a busy day and week! I love the blocks for your Tail Feathers Quilt! And I really like your new header photo...although I will miss your cottage up there! :o)

    We'll be getting ready for Winter soon, too. I love the Fall, but not Winter...too much snow and too cold here! :o(



  6. I love your new header and what a full week you have had. Your stitching is great and I particularly like the bird. While you prepare for the winter we prepare for a tropical summer which has well and truly started already!! Happy stitching!

  7. I'm having a catchup on here and have loved reading all about the mushrooms and seeing the quilt and those gorgeous birds that you have made. With school holidays here I will endeavour to get my blog updated in the next couple of days with some more pics of our wonderfully full river! First time I have seen it flowing so strong and high since '93.

  8. To byl ale týden!!Jak to všechno stíháš?Pošťák se naběhal,ne?Ten quilt bude úžasný !!!už se těším.Zdravím z Litvínova,Mirka

  9. Radka, what a great lot you received in the post. Have fun. Love your newest bird, not to mention the gorgeous butterfly. It is superb, thank you for sharing such a beauty. All the photos are lovely, and I particularly love your new header photo, it's just wonderful, congratulations on such a wonderful pictorial blog. Sorry I've been 'away' for a day or so, feeling a little off colour.

  10. You've been spoilt by the postman bringing so many "goodies" :-) !! I often wonder too where the days are gone, though I am not "officially working" anymore. I've just started to be interested in mushrooms and therefore I do not know many sorts yet. But I have friends who like to pick them and now do it quite often. It's mushroom time here! Your birds are so lovely! I like the idea hanging them on a Christmas tree!
    Have a nice weekend,


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