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Monday, 11 October 2010

new tree

Today was another glorious day, sunny with wall to wall blue sky. I am still picking flowers from the garden, even roses are still showing off, specially the red "Dublin Bay". But even the less robust, pink "Queen of Sweden" still has a lot of promise.

We drove to the garden centre to buy a new tree for our garden, a crab apple. We had seen one not long ago, Malus "Pink Glow", and felt that we just have to have on in our garden. The fruit is a beautiful red, larger then most crab apples, with a very strong fragrance. It should be delivered in next couple of days.

Later the postman brought the latest issue of my patchwork & quilting magazine. 

All in all, not a bad day!


  1. Such lovely weather, im really enjoying it your flowers...the mag looks good too.

  2. Radka, the roses look beautiful. I'm sure also that the Crab Apple will thrive under your care. It's looks a beauty!! I love the look of that magazine. I have never seen or heard of it here. How long has it been going?? Happy stitching, and hope the weather won't feel too chilly too quickly.

  3. Beautiful flower Radka, love them very much, flowers always make my day..
    Hope you would like to pay a visit to me at

    And enjoyed too, you are stitcher and I would love to hear from you on my newest post

  4. Just found your blog. You have indeed a lot of wonderful pictures! I can see you make the Christmas Bom like myself. I've made one of the stitcheries and the middle block. And when I read your profile about the Gemini, I had a big laugh, being a Gemini myself!

  5. Radka thanks for lovely comment on my journal. That Dublin Bay is gorgeous - we have it growing all over a high entrance fence in our garden and it is just forming buds now. Will post more rose pics as they bloom.
    x Suzy

  6. Thanks for coming by today! Your flowers are beautiful. I love love love roses!
    Wow...I've never seen that magazine before! And here I thought I've seen them all.
    Have a sweet day.

  7. You will be very happy with your crab apple when it arrives/ We have one called gorgeous and it will be stunning when it gets a whole lot older. Your quilt looks gorgeous too and I love the colours and prints that you have used. Then the places that you have to visit - just stunning!


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