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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

tail feathers quilt

Yesterday was a perfect afternoon for it. Outside was wet and windy, but inside the fire was glowing.
So I settled down in front of TV, put on DVD (Jane Austen's Persuasion) and finished stitching the binding on the Tail Feathers quilt, at last! How better to spend an afternoon like that?
I fell in love with the quilt first time I saw a picture of it about a year ago and I knew I had to make it.
And here it is!

The quilt was originally BOM, but by the time I discovered it I had to get the whole package. This was nearly a year ago, but I did not start on it until early summer, when I took the first stitchery with me on my holiday. I enjoyed the embroidery parts of the quilt most of all. The rest of the quilt is done on the machine.
I am mainly a hand stitcher, but as this is the largest quilt I have made to date, 1.5m x 1.5 m,  I decided to machine quilt the whole thing for the fear that if I don't, it will end up another UFO. This is the first time I machine quilted anything, and I don't do machine embroidery, so please don't look too close.

Design by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches;
Fabric: Moda, mainly Mill House Inn, purchased with the pattern from the lovely ladies at Buttonberry;
Threads: embroidery DMC threads 470,680,733,830,3328,4120, machine quilting Aurifil 2110.
Wadding: "Warm & White" cotton


  1. What a gorgeous quilt. It really is so pretty. Your embroidery is beautiful, and goodness, I would not have known you 'are not a machine quilter'!!!!!! The quilting is excellent. I am so pleased you had a lovely afternoon and time to indulge in your quilting. Life has been so busy for you, it's nice that you've finally had some 'you' time. Congratulations.

  2. Its quite lovely, well done! But I have to point out a Freudian slip...'as the guilt measures' LOL. That must refer tothe lovely afternoon you had, perhaps you should have been working in the garden or doing the ironing!!! Jan

  3. There are so many choices to make when looking at quilt designs. You have certainly chosen well withe Cinderberry quilt. The birds are all so winsome, happy fellows. Certainly a lovely quilt to be admired.

  4. Ohhh - to je opravdu nadherny quilt!
    Kombinace mezi patchworkem, aplikaci
    a vysivanim - super! Gratuluji!
    Jana z Hamburku

  5. Your quilt is lovely and I agree with you that there is no better way to spend an afternoon than hand stitching in front of a Jane Austen movie. It is a wonderful feeling to complete a quilt that has been entirely stitched by you. Take care.

  6. I housework in the afternoons. Strangely, here in southern Ontario, we are still working in the garden, getting it ready for the winter

  7. what a gorgeous quilt. I love the embroidery.

  8. I have come cross your blog this evening ... and I have so much enjoyed reading through it. I love all the photograghs and feel like I am there!
    Thanks for sharing,

  9. It's a lovely quilt! You are very talented!

  10. This is soo cute! Congratulations! And what a speed! I'm impressed. Must look closer at the pattern, this is new to me. And the machine quilting looks nice, maybe I should try something similar next time, I'm very afraid of free motion quilting.

  11. You have done some wonderful job with this quilt and I must say that I envy you the guts to machine quilt it by yourself. Lovely work!!


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