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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

what should postman bring next?

I have been reading Jennie's blog, she has been learning "stitch and slash" technique in the course she is currently attending. I remembered that I learned this in one of the workshops I went to quite a while ago.
Jen is much more creative with her sample, it will be interesting to see it when finished.
The object of the workshop I went was to make a bag. It is one of the projects I actually finished!

I remember that our tutor brought various objects made using this technique, from cushions to a waistcoat.
Depending on fabrics used, you can get some amazing results.

I am waiting for the postman to bring me no 4 of BOM, so I can finish my Christmas tablecloth. I need one more corner to embroider plus the rest of the design. I might even finish it before Christmas!

Some of you, who have commented on the Tail Feathers quilt, wondered if they too should have a go at machine quilting. Let me say, that I don't think it is something I will take up in a big way, but I am glad I have done it and I will be confident to have a go if I need to in the future. It is very scary to start with if, like me, you haven't done any free motion embroidery before, but it gets easier. I practiced on a small Tilda stitchery before starting on the quilt, which proved to be a good idea.


  1. Radka I love the rich colours in your cute chenille bag and I am looking forward to seeing the finished Christmas tablecloth. Take care.

  2. Wow Radka i so love your bag....mine are staying as samples at the moment a for my college in love with Tilda its my type of quilting xx

  3. Love the chenille work Radka, and those Christmas stitcheries are just delightful. Sorry I've been absent again, it's been a hectic week here. Will write soon.

  4. All very lovely. Been so long catching up but I have updated my blog now LOL and made a promise.


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