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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

after Christmas

So Christmas is over. Yesterday the temperature outside went up a few degrees and last night it started to rain and has not stopped since. This morning we woke up to a totally different scene. All the snow has gone and we are back to a typical English winter, damp and murky. The thermal underwear has been put away, at least for now. I would like to think that we have seen the last of the bitter cold weather, but it is too early in the winter to hope for that.
I was planning to take a break from my stitching this week, but as any stitcher knows, that is difficult to do.
I should be working on some figures for the tax man, but it can wait a few more days....
Instead I have picked up a project I started at a work shop last summer, the Freeform Designer Bag, before it becomes a serious UFO.


  1. Hello Radka

    Waiting what comes next love

    Wish you a very Happy New Year

    I would love if you come to visit me at

  2. Your first paragraph hits the nail on the head Radka.....loving the colours of your project so cant wait to see it finished, i feel like doing some handstitching!

  3. Radka, that project bag looks interesting. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. I am determined to do some stitching today.

    Hope the weather warms up for you.

  4. Nice to know the snow has eased, but of course cold and rainy isn't much better I suppose. I remember when you first talked about the designer bag, so am looking forward to hearing more about the progress you make. I have other things I SHOULD be doing, but having too much fun with a new hardanger project and everything else is on hold. Keep warm. Cheers for now.

  5. Hello Radka,

    I am a new visitor to your blog, which I found from Linda and Dianne's blogs.

    You do such a wonderful variety of things, I enjoyed seeing your slide show very much.

    I hope I may pop in again?

  6. Thank you for your visit, Juliette. You are welcome any time!


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