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Friday, 10 December 2010

what did the postman bring today?

It has been a good day for the post. A large envelope arrived from Norway, with my prize from May Britt's and Hanne's giveaway, a pattern for a baking cover from Northern Quilts. Included was a lovely Christmas message from May Britt, with a heart pattern, also designed by her, which you can also see on her blog.

I have been looking forward to my prize, even looking through my fabric stash for suitable designs.
I visited Hanson's today for some Christmas ribbon (but any excuse will do!) and purchased another fat qtr, just in case. It is worth mentioning here that if anyone will be travelling in the area next year, Hanson's is a must. They are well know in the West Country and I make the 40 miles round trip quite regularly!

The baking cover might well be my first project after Christmas.
Thank you May Britt and Hanne for you kindness and generosity and thank you Northern Quilts for a lovely design!

While I was out, I picked up a copy of one of my favourite patchwork magazines, Magic Patch. I know I am a little behind, this is an autumn issue, but the December/January one is not in the shops yet, and I was attracted by the lovely rich colours on the front cover, a nice change from the Christmas fabric of recent.

In the post arrived my favourite embroidery magazine, all the way from Australia.

A parcel arrived from Germany, my order from Geschenke website, a new candle ring, Sebastian design, including some other decorations. I discovered this Danish table decoration some years ago, and very year since I have been buying some new bits for it, depending on the season. You will see it later on my Christmas table.

The path to our house was well trodden today!


  1. Nice to hear and read from you. I read Magic Patch quite some time in French and have piles of them. Now I am reading Quilting Arts Magazine and Patchwork Professional (German magazine).

  2. Some lovely stuff from the postie.

  3. Looks like you had a great day Radka, postie is always welcome when he brings such things. I haven't seen Magic Patch here for a while. I like it and have a few issues. So pleased your Inspirations finally arrived.


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