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Friday, 3 December 2010

more snow

Yes, this really is winter. Britain has been battling with the snow for a week now, winter conditions spreading down from the north of the country and it reached even us, down here in the Southwest. Vehicles and people stranded in some parts of the country, thousands of schools closed, not counting the work days lost, even distribution of food has been affected, leaving some empty shelves in supermarkets.  As always , it takes us by surprise.
One wonders how the rest of the Northern Europe do it, they just get on with their lives. Every year our government tells us that it is not worth investing in a proper snow equipment, because the snow never lasts.
As we are digging ourselves from the snow, I hope they are right, but it is only just beginning of December....

no gardening today?

may be we can have a picnic

uh, my feet are cold!


  1. I think the weather has been odd all over the globe this year! We hardly had any rain this summer and it gold cold here two month earlier than usual. We got a light dusting of snow last night and the weatherman says we're to get 4 - 8 inches tomorrow! Hope things improve for you soon!

    I LOVE that new header photo, and the other one with the white duck "talking" is hilarious! Poor things! But they have a GREAT house!



  2. Gorgeous photos even though the snow and freezing conditions are having a not so nice effect on people. We are having loads of rain and thinderstorms with hot humid weather and our river is in flood again. Then there's the locusts - now thats the big problem. We had a swarm really move into town yesterday but its heading south hopefully.

  3. It's beautyful with all this snow, also in Denmark :)
    Have a nice day

  4. It is unusual for us to have snow so early and if this is how things are going to go from now on we will have to do what the Scandinavians do and fit snow tyres by the 31st October. Like you say Snow doesn't stop them. Our government has selected memory when it comes to climate change warnings.
    Lovely snowy pics and that Duck really need some quilted booties.

  5. Love your new look - it catches the moment wonderfully. We have been lucky here South East Wales with limited snow but it is bitter. Wonderful weather for not feeling guilty about quilting in the afternoon though!

  6. What amazing photos and your winter has certainly started with a rush. I wonder if you will have a "White Christmas" which seems rather romantic when viewed from our tropical heat. We are always happy if it rains on Christmas Day because it usually means the weather is cooler. Take care.

  7. Such great photos and i love the snow and wow has it hit us again and so very early...we hardly get anything in the part of south i live but for the third time now its hit us hard too.


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