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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

books old and new

A book by Effie Mitrofanis about Casalguidi embroidery. I had been wanting this book for a long time, but I could not quite justify buying it. When I  finished my Casalguidi sample, I felt that I have earned it and managed to track it down. It is second hand, with some sign of age, but in a very good condition otherwise.

Another new arrival is this book, by Mary Jenkins and Clare Claridge, "Making Welsh  Quilts". It has been a little bit of a quest in tracking down this book. I ordered it from Amazon (or rather one of their merchants) over a month ago, and although they confirmed that the book has been sent out, it has never arrived. There has been some exchange of emails, as you can imagine, and in the end I received a gift certificate from the merchant, which more then covered the cost of the book and the postage from other supplier. The problem was that everywhere else it seems to be out of stock.  Eventually I found it at Rainbow Crafts and the book arrived yesterday. Just having a quick look last night, I can say that it has been well worth my effort! Lovely photographs, very good projects with very clear instructions. As the subtitle suggests, the book is making a possible connection between Welsh and Amish quilts.

The two books below have been on my bookshelf for some years now, both about Amish quilts, both very interesting. My favourite of the two is the one on the left, which is more substantial, with lots of good photographs.

 The question is: do I have enough space on my bookshelves? Don't worry, I have recently bought a new bookshelf unit! As we all know, there is always another book we just simply "must " have and a little more information we need!


  1. I´m glad to see that there are someone who have the same mania as I have. I love to sit and dip into these books. And find some inspiration. And you always find room for them. Enjoy!

  2. So pleased your Casalguidi book is not a disappointment. I have some lovely books purchased via eBay [slightly used]. I sometimes think it adds to their 'value', as they've been loved by someone else at some stage. I love Amish styles too, and I LOVE BOOKS. Mine are everywhere in the house, on shelves, in cupboards, in boxes, it's just ridiculous, but I could not have lived my rather quiet life without them, they are my friends.

  3. Wonderful books. I don't have a large collection of needlework books but I enjoy the ones I do have. But then I have all the Inspirations to inspire me to try different things as well as wonderful friends and in turn this will provide me with things to go and purchase books in the future.

  4. Lovely collection of books and I own three out of four. We never let the fact that we run out of bookcase space stop the growth of our book collection. I came from a book family and married into one! Take care.

  5. What great books you have bought..
    Hmm I cannot have enough books and yes buying a new bookshelf is a wonderful idea.. I wish you a great weekend!

  6. I am very fond of amish quilts (and design), so I'll have a look out for this books. Thank you for this presentation. I think whenever my space for books would run out, I am sure I could create new free places (or bookshelves) ;-) !!
    Have a lovely Sunday!


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