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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

inspirations magazine

The latest copy of the Inspiration magazine has landed at last! There is always what seems an endless delay between when our Australian friends get it and when it arrives here.There is a little bonus for me in this issue. My email from last July has been published in "Your Letters"! I sent it to Country Bumpkin when I finished my "Infinity" cushion, from a design in issue 60 of the magazine. Not really a surprise, as Katherine already told me, when she got her magazine.
Am I walking around with a "big head" today? Absolutely!

Just having a quick look through the rest of the magazine earlier today, I could see that there is a project for a tablecloth in Schwalm embroidery by Luzine Happel of Germany. So beautiful!
By coincidence, I took out this week my Schwalm sampler, which I started last year and finished the first section. I made a little bit of a "pig's ear" of the middle bit, but not too bad otherwise. Lots more to do!


  1. My mouth will not close ,the ahhhs will not stop.You do wonderfull work .

  2. Hi Radka, so pleased the magazine arrived. I've been anxious for you to get it [didn't want to say about it until you saw it yourself]. Congratulations for having your project letter printed. It IS a beautifully stitched cushion, and nice to see projects finished by readers. I knew you'd be interested in the Schwalm. I like the part of your sampler. I seem to remember you purchased a book from Luzine, so obviously Schwalm is something you are keen to do. Overall, there are some nice projects in this issue.

  3. Compliment Radka! your cushion is beautiful and you deserve the honour

  4. Your infinity pillow is truly lovely. Your stitching is stunning. Congratulation on being publish in the inspiration Mag. I will look forward to seeing this issue. Hugs judy

    PS I do love those Snowdrops on your Header. They always make me smile.

  5. Love the embroidery and I am so glad that you finally got your copy of Inspirations. Cant believe it took so long to get there.


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