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Sunday, 20 March 2011

new embroidery

I have started embroidering one of the simple stitcheries for my new tablecloth. I haven't made a final decision regarding fabrics for this project. I will be going to South West Spring Quilt Festival in Exeter in the coming week and as we all know, there bound to be something more interesting then I have at home :)

When I was writing  the post about Mary Thomas's embroidery books, I realized that I haven't done any "proper" embroidery for some time, not since I finished the Casalguidi sampler.
In the same book by Via Laurie, where I found the Casalguidi project, I found my new project, called "Floral Delight" in Jacobean style. You would expect to see this kind of design done in Crewel work, but this embroidery is done with space-dyed threads on silk.

It was the first time I used a "Transfer Veil" , made by "BOHIN" of France, which I bought from The Contented Cat, to transfer the design onto the fabric. I must admit that I was rather apprehensive about doing this way, as I bought the transfer veil for transferring quilting design, but I was pleasantly surprised, considering the uneven surface of the silk.It is possibly not as good as a pencil, but considering that the final work can be easily rinsed out in a cold water, if needed, I am very happy with this product.

After I finished transferring the picture, I rinsed out the veil, dried it and it is ready to use again.
You can see it here.


  1. I can't imagine what this is - the transfer veil.

  2. Hi Radka, I've never heard of the transfer veil, but I do know I've used tulle to transfer a pattern. I wonder if your product is sort of similar? I am sure this stitching project will be lovely. That's been a very useful book, hasn't it. BTW, love the flowers!!

  3. Hello Radka. I have never heard of transfer veil before either - your embroidery is lovely. It is a long time since I have done any myself!

  4. Thanks for the tip about the Transfer veil - Bohin make good products and I am wondering if it is anything like the Clover Transfer Canvas. Absolutely lovely photos of your flowers. Take care!

  5. Happy stitching and enjoy your up coming quilt show. I am also off to start something new for embroidery. There's a couple of things traced ready to go with threads so just need to make up my mind. Your Jacobean stitching willl look great and I haven't heard of this transfer method either.


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