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Saturday, 19 March 2011

saturday's prize

When I opened my emails this morning, I had a lovely comment from Ela on my last post, and a virtual prize on her blog! Thank you very much, Ela! Ela listed my blog as one the 7 blogs she enjoys most. I am so honoured!


Now, if I understand this correctly (Google translation is not always very precise), this is where I give
the same prize to 7 blogs I enjoy most. What a task!!! I could list at least 3 times that number! I wish I could, all you lovely people, but rules are rules :( , Ela said only 7.

So, in no particular order, 7 blogs I most enjoy visiting:


  1. Hey,congratulations for this prize.

    Happy week end,Aurori

  2. what a great prize and you deserve it for your lovely and always interesting blog.

  3. Oh, I feel happpy and proud and not only the sun but also the prize is shining on this Sunday morning. Thank you so much and thank you for visiting and commenting always so lovely my work.

  4. What a lovely prize and it is certainly well deserved by you. Thank you for nominating me and I always enjoy reading your blog - I love seeing your beautiful work, the photos of your garden and the virtual tours you take us on. Enjoy your Springtime and thank you again.

  5. Hello Radka, congratulations. The 'virtual prize' is new to me as a blogger. But, I have to say, I think you are a deserved recipient, as your blog is always a delight to visit. Your photographs are beautiful, and interesting. The flowers you share from your garden are always so welcome here. I have to say too that I am humbled to get a nomination from you as a blog you enjoy reading, thank you sincerely for such an honour, and for constantly supporting me with my blog.

  6. Thank you :) It is always nice that people visit my blog and find it inspiring. That keeps med continuing to post on it. I love visiting your blog too:)

  7. Muchas gracias Radka por acordarte de mí para este premio y muchas felicidades a ti por recibirlo.

    Un abrazo.


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