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Friday, 29 April 2011

another long weekend

Two wonderful, long weekends in a row and wonderful weather with it! One could get used to this....
Although this weekend is not as warm as the Easter one, and we even had a frost the night before last. We had to get some of the pot plants under cover a bit sharpish.
Despite the weather man promising some rain for today, it held of in most parts of the country, which was a very good news for a certain young couple in London. It was an ideal day for a wedding and I am sure all of you, who are interested, watched it on TV.
That all done, I would like some rain now, please! My garden is desperate for it and everywhere is like a dust bowl. Two of our water buts are empty already and we are still in April! But as they say, be careful what you wish for!

When it was very warm last week, I was looking for something to stitch, nothing too warm or delicate.
I found this in one of my draws, I bought it years ago on holidays. I can't even call it UFO, as not a stitch was done on it before it disappeared in a draw.

A piece of fabric with a printed design. I plan to make it into a curtain for a small side  window in our dining room, which looks out onto a side of the garage, a view which needs to be permanently blanked out. It is a very easy project, simply stitched in a stem stitch.


  1. Oh Radka, I would gladly send you some of our rain....we have had rain almost every day of April.... over 14 inches worth, which has set a new record. I believe the old record was for 13.9 inches and was recorded in the 1930's!

    That design is absolutely gorgeous and will make a beautiful curtain. I hope you show it to us again once you've gotten it all finished! :o)



  2. What a lovely pattern. I like that you stitched it in white.

  3. Your embroidery is beautiful. We desperately need some rain as well - your lily of the valley have inspired me to go and pick some of my own!

  4. I do hope you have some rain soon for your garden Radka. We are having our second long weekend here in Queensland too - Labour Day today. It's an absolutely glorious autumn day here at the moment. I love the embroidery, and it's simplicity will no doubt suit it's ultimate purpose. Can't wait to see how it looks when complete, so good luck with it - not always easy to find the time these days is it.

  5. Looks very pretty indeed. Loved watching the royal wedding too. Wasn't the dress just beautiful.

  6. Your stem stitch is so neat Radka, mine never looks as good as that. The curtain will look lovely, I also like the white on white

  7. What a pretty design: it is sometimes good to start on something you had put away.
    I love the pink header - so springy.
    Some rain would be good for your garden - I have heard that it is drying out in various parts of the uk. Hard for us to imagine: we have a picture of a drizzly,damp sort of climate.

  8. I am still working on my white curtains which I have to make for our little house in the mountains. And to stich a little ornament (thank yo for this inspiration!) like your lovely ones would pop them up.
    Today it looks as if we would get some rain...the first one for weeks! If there is too much, I'll sent the rain clouds to you ;-) !!
    Enjoy Spring time!

  9. Thank you so much about the information about the cercis tree! Yes you're right it is one!
    By the way, the long expected rain still didn't come. It's going to be a problem for all the farmers...
    Have a nice weekend!


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