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Friday, 8 April 2011

stitch and creative crafts show

This is a show I go to every year, but last few years I have been asking myself : why? The only reason I can give: because it is near. The quality has been going down year after year. This year there are even less stands then previously, the space being given to, what I call "side shows", not much to do with being creative, at least not in a sense I understand it. OK, lets be fair here, if you are into card making or beading, you would be probably quite satisfied. But if you a textile artist of any kind, looking for new ideas, this is not for you.
The "stitch" part of the show was very small. But as I said, it is close to home and I always hope that  they might surprise me! Well, not this year... It used to be good, it used to be very busy. Not today....

It didn't take me long to get around, pick up some bits and pieces to justify my visit.
Luckily, the Really Useful Box company was there and one can never have enough storage, can one?

                            I bought a packet of Micro fasteners for my "MicroStitch".

This is a really useful tool, I am sure the quilters among you know this one. It takes all the hassle out of basting your quilt.

                                 Some Japanese beads for embellishing



This purchase I am really pleased with, a tool for tightening wing nuts on embroidery frames.

Well, within a couple of hours I was back home, just in time for a lunch in the garden.
The last couple of days we have been having not spring weather, but summer one!
Into the shed for some garden furniture and settle down to an afternoon of stitching.

What can be better?


  1. I understand how you feel Radka. I used to catch a bus in the wee small hours to get to Brisbane for 'the craft show', but become increasingly frustrated with the lack of things that interested me. I do like your 'Twizzler', what a great tool, and I'm always a sucker for Japanese inspired buttons. I hope you enjoyed some peaceful hours embroidering in your lovely garden setting. Weather here is pleasant, typical April.

  2. Shame about the show but you did manage to find some great things. Maybe next year it might be better. Our weather has been more like summer than autumn here too. So weird and by about mid afternoon I am looking forward to the rain and cool change to get everything watered etc. I much prefer autumn through to mid spring LOL

  3. For a "not so good show" you found precious things, at least for me Here we have no shows at all...
    Many tools I even don't know what are they for...others I know but can't find here...
    Here we have summer weather too. It's good because we have two of our grand daughters with us for weekend What can be better? :)
    Have a great weekend Radka!

  4. Looking forward to the "craft shows" was always an exciting part of the year, and like Linda, necessitate early morning and late night travel.

    So many stalls with so many wonderful treasures. I was told once the reason the number of stalls decreased was the promoters raised the costs which meant they were out of the range of a lot of the stall holders.

    The trips home on the bus were great with everyone showing off their aquisitions, which also meant lots of empty purses.

    You did do well with your purchases. Love the buttons, and the gadget for tightening frames....both must haves.

  5. i have just had a look at your photos your work is exquisite.

  6. Surely that head photo is not from your garden, if it is, I will spit.
    All shows, whatever sort, seem to go in cycles....something else (who knows what) will come along.

  7. I feel exactly the same, Radka, many things don't interest me anymore. I think it is because we are advancing....(at least I hope so). My interest changed and so many stalls I just pass without looking. At our last show some 150 km away we looked just at one artist who was exquisite. All others fell "into the shadow".


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