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Sunday, 17 April 2011

sunday morning

I love this spring, damp meadow flower, called Cuckoo Flower. So gentle, in soft shades of pale pink, lilac and white. My grandmother used to call it the "Tears of the Virgin Mary", because it starts flowering around Easter time.

I had a very busy week, end of PAYE tax year and submission the tax office, so little time or a thought for anything else, I was just too tired to blog or even stitch. All "done and dusted" by Friday and I was able to enjoy the beautiful weekend we have been having. It was great to get out into the woods before breakfast, with the early dampness still in the air and on the ground.

We walked to the place of an ancient settlement, the Parkhill Camp. I wrote about this place before here.

We took with us our four legged visitor. She is staying with us while her family is visiting the other grandparents.

The first signs of bluebells, in a week or so this woodland floor will be a blue carpet.

                                  I still hope to finish my table runner by Easter.


  1. We are in Autumn here in Brazil: very blue sky, no rain and some pretty flowers.
    Happy Easter

  2. What lovely scenery again Radka. Love your 'cuckoo flower', that soft pink is glorious. Your 'visitor' is a lovely looking dog too. I love dogs!! I do hope you make time to do your embroidery for Easter, it's going to be lovely with those colours. I've been slaving over bookwork too, it's end of quarter here too for us, damn!!

  3. I enjoy your blog with spring impressions - the same here in the Vosges - maybe not so advanced.
    And thank you to comment my friends inchie. In the home town (capital of Croatia) of DH they are standing like that on the main square discussing....southern countries!!

  4. I have been doing the books here as well, nearly finished now though. I haven't heard of the little cuckoo flowers, they are really pretty! Good luck with finishing the embroidery!

  5. Beautiful pictures!
    Have a great Easter!

  6. Easter is getting close. Stitch, stitch, stitch! I have a Spring piece I would like to finish by Easter but we have company for a week. I probably won't get done.

  7. Love your photos and hope you get your table runner completed. Happy Easter

  8. I did enjoy the photos from outside. So nice to see, that spring is here.
    Your stitchery is loevly. Looking forwrd to see, what it is going to be.
    Have a happy Easter.

  9. What beautiful pictures. I love Spring!


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