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Saturday, 9 April 2011

wild and cultivated

Another glorious morning and an early morning walk in the woods. I love the freshness and the smell of the woods that time of the day. We came here to pick some wild garlic leaves to cook with a roast chicken  later on. But early walk is a good start to the day anyway and we are making the most of beautiful weather.

It was a bonus to find blue bells, a few weeks earlier then normal, brought on by the warmth and sunshine we have been having this week.

          Also wood sorrel and wild violets.

     Later, while enjoying sunny Saturday, with temperatures of 20+, I took some pictures in the garden.

                                                   crab apple blossom

                                                    plum blossom

                                                bleeding heart


                                                     trailing phlox

                                                quince blossom


  1. This looks like a glorious place to walk Radka, much greener and 'foresty' than my open spaces!! I love all the blooms you've shared, you certainly have a variety of gorgeous plants. I love the little branch of Dicentra [??].

  2. Stunning spring blooms. We are just starting to get those lovely autumnal golden hues.

  3. Oh how I would love to be able to wake up each day and take a walk in such beauty. We live in the dessert and I am a green and lush lover. Thank you so much for sharing your special walk with us.

    Ann Flowers

  4. Radka, lovely, lovely what you are showing to us.
    Wild garlic leaves - we gahtered them also some three weeks ago and I made pesto of them. We even tried to transplant them into the garden. But it is so dry now and we are in the mountains..... there won't be much left when we return.

  5. So nice to see your Spring garden full of beautiful flowers and blooms. The last week indeed has been a special warm one and here too every plant seems to have wanted to show up. Let's enjoy this wonderful season with all its miracles.
    Wishing you another good week!

  6. What a lovely walk you had, Radka! I, too, love the smell of the woods in the morning. And your Spring garden is looking very lively...we still don't have a lot of things blooming yet, but it is 86 here today so I expect that things are going to start popping open soon!



  7. Thank you for sharing your spring walk in the woods. The flowers of your spring are just wonderful - very different to what we experience.

  8. I see that you very much love the nature. Very beautiful photos.


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