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Friday, 6 May 2011

Barrington Court

As I am sitting here, writing my blog, I can hear a steady rain outside. It has been raining all evening now. At last, after weeks of warm and dry weather. In fact, it is official, this year's April was the warmest since 1892 (or something like that).
But earlier today was just another pleasant, warm, dry day, good time to take a day to go out and explore.
Barrington Court is probably my favourite National Trust property. I have been here a couple of time before. It is an easy, unpretentious place; popular, but not crowded.
When National Trust bought the Tudor manor house in 1907, it was just a derelict shell.
In 1920s it was leased to Sir Arthur Lyle (of Tate and Lyle) and over the next years the Lyle family restored the property. The house itself is now empty, but open to public. Without any furniture one can appreciate more the architecture of the building.

           This was the original entrance to the grounds, a gate with a beautiful ironwork.

Instead, you walk past an old apple orchard

through a small door in the wall

via small flower gardens, it's design inspired by Gertrude Jekyll

and then, round the corner, is the Court House, built in 1500, with what used to the stable block (now a shop and a restaurant), next to it

It was very bright for taking photographs today, but I hope you can get some feeling of the place from my pictures.

There is another reason to visit, if you like patchwork. Barrington Patchwork opened its shop in the grounds last summer. The shop is packed with fabrics, loads of Moda, Makower and others! Another "sweet shop" to explore!


  1. Barrington Court is an amazing place. I can't believe how much further advanced the gardens are in Somerset to Gloucestershire. We certainly need a bit of rain.

    Have a nice weekend

  2. Wow, what beautiful gardens. Thanks for sharing. Happy Spring. hugs Judy

  3. Hola Radka,¡que romanticos paseos por esos bellos paisajes¡besos Caty

  4. Oh my, Radka, what a beautiful place. Thank you for taking me on a trip this early Sunday morning. The gardens are just beautiful, especially the Wisteria. I just adore Wisteria, trellised exactly as they've done!! The lawn looks so neat and even. Hope you managed to find some 'sweets' to take your fancy....... Thanks again for the outing, and I'm so pleased to hear you are having that much needed rain.

  5. Oh what a wonderful place! And my God, you have summer and here in the northern Sweden the grass has just begun to be green.

  6. Hello Radka, while sitting in the middle of New York I am enjoying spring pictures of England. But I can tell you, we visited a botanical garden in Manhattan and we saw terrific blooming trees and flowerbed, it was all one delicious smell. I am going to post pictures when I am home again.

  7. Dear Radka!

    Your blod very nice too!
    The photos is beutiful!

  8. What a beautiful place. Do you think they might just give it to me if I asked nicely LOL.

  9. Thankyou for letting us enjoy your outing too. What a beautiful place that is.

  10. Your lovely pictures remind me very much of our visit to Barrington Courts Gardens, a few years ago. It was a rainy day then and I wrote in my travel diary how impressed I was of this elegant garden. Thank you for sharing.


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