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Saturday, 21 May 2011

T for T

"T for T" stands for "Talent for Textiles" fair, held several times a year at various venues, organised by Elizabeth Baer. It is a sale of antique and vintage textiles, buttons and various haberdashery, bags, various decorative objects and so much more. Many of the items on sale come from markets in France, including some beautiful old linen. You can pick up some lovely fabrics here, but of course, like anywhere else, you could spend a lot of money on very little, say the least.
My favourite venue is the American Museum in Bath, where the fair will be held in September.

This week the fair ( the 57th) was taking place in the grounds of Glastonbury Rural Life Museum, in their recently restored 14th century Tithe Barn, with the dramatic backdrop of the legendary Glastonbury Tor.

It turned out to be a chilly day and the wind was blowing through the barn. I felt sorry for some of the stallholders near the doors.

After parking DH in the tea room ( believe me, he wasn't on his own there), I went to explore the wares.

I found some small pieces of lace on Niki's stall.

But the find of the day for me was this inexpensive piece of cotton fabric, nearly 1m sq. Although it has some small damage, there is enough fabric here to do something with.

As soon as I got home, I raided my stash to see what I could match up with my new find.

Decisions, decisions.
I can feel a quilt coming on!


Today I took some more pictures of the garden.

I like the way the poppies open up, from the what looks like a piece of crumbled tissue paper, to their full beauty.

The tree peony early in the morning,

and later in the day.

I wish you all a very good week!


  1. Radka, what lovely finds: the fabric is especially good. I can see that it will feature strongly in a new creation.
    The flowers are beautiful - yes I agree the poppies are amazing, all creased up in the bud and then beautifully crisp.

  2. This Fair sounds like a lot of fun and I like your "finds". Your garden is beautiful and the colours are so rich. Take care.

  3. Your blooms are so beautiful. The fair sounds very enticing, and i love the fabric and laces you got. A very pretty setting for a textile fair.

  4. Lovely to see you on Friday Radka - Thanks for the mention on your blog and your purchases - I hope you'll have fun with them.
    The Claverton Manor Fair should be fabulous...I've started making already!

    Have a great week - Hope the high winds settle down a bit...my poppies are leaning over and have taken quite a battering.

    Niki :)

  5. That fair sounds a real treat. The red fabric reminds me of French General's Rouenneries - have you decided what to make with it yet?

  6. What a lovely setting for a vintage fair, and the purchases you made a really lovely Radka, especially the lace mats. I can see you have some fabrics to match the other purchase. Your garden photos are as beautiful as ever. The colours are amazing, that poppy is so interesting. You can see the fur on the opening pod. And a good week to you too, one where I hope you will achieve lots. Cheers.

  7. I love your flowers. Especially the poppies. I have to wait four weeks to se my own poppies. About midsommernights eve is the very moment.

  8. What lovely fabric and laces. My adorable DH would follow me around looking at things. He is very good in Spotlight finding cheap doona covers etc while I look at other things LOL. Love the flower photos too. So much to catch up on again as blogger hasn't allowed me to leave comments anywhere but I could post.


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