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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

when a quilt is a cushion

I thought I should try to reduce my stash of fabric, so some time ago I decided to make a quilt, using stash fabrics only.

So far so good.

By the time I was stitching the 5th block, I lost interest.
Another UFO?

Well, there never seem to be enough cushions. So 4 blocks became a cushion. It was also a good place to practice some embroidery stitches. 

I am yet to decide what to do with block no 5. Any ideas?

In the meantime, our weather has returned to normal for the season and we are at last having enough rain. We even had some large hailstones over the weekend. Everywhere is looking green and lush ( including the weeds! ).

I have taken a few more pictures in the garden.

This little fuchsia was pruned hard last autumn and was overwintering indoors. Now it just could not wait to produce a flower. A dancing fairy!



  1. Hi Radka!
    I have to do the same reduce my stash of fabric :)
    Beautiful flowers in your garden!
    Have a great week!

  2. Very pretty.
    How about making a mug rug with the 5th block?

  3. You could make an oven mitt with the fifth block - lovely cushion by the way. I also enjoyed the photos of your garden. Take care!

  4. Great idea and a lovely cushion. How about using the last block for a pincushion? And maybe make it with lots of embroidey, like crazy patchwork.
    Your flowerphotos are so wonderful. Real summer it looks like.

  5. Hello Radka, absolutely love your cushion. I never tire of the log cabin design, and your colours are so bright and cheery. The flowers in your garden are to die for. You have the most gorgeous blooms!! I really LOVE fushias, but don't grow them here with our hot northerly winds in summer. BTW, I'd be leaning towards a pincushion for block #5, and as Anne-Mette says, lots of embroidery. Good to see you are having some worthwhile rain. Take care.

  6. Wonderul pics and I love the cushion. Could you use the leftover block for a small needlebook or similar

  7. Yes, I'm always threatening to reduce my stash too.... and cushions are so lovely to make, you can sit in comfort and stitch away, quilts are another matter. LOL.

    Such a beautiful garden, all those things in bloom and so colourful. We have so enjoyed this spring weather in the UK, not enough rain though where I live.


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