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Sunday, 19 June 2011

garden update

The weather has been absolutely awful, with a heavy rain yesterday and some showers today, the temperatures today only around 14C. The rain is destroying most of the flowers in the garden. We were asking for some rain a few weeks ago, well now we have it. There is a lot of work to be done in the garden, mainly deadheading and clearing the weeds, which have up with a vengeance.
We have managed to get out in the garden today, in between the showers, and do some tidying up.
I have also managed to take a few pictures of flowers not beaten down by rain .


I wish you all a very good week!


  1. You have managed to capture some beautiful pics of your garden even though the rain has taken its toll.

    We have also had lots of rain lately and the garden is thriving (as are the weeds).

  2. Such lovely flowers! Hope your weather changes for the better soon.
    Was browsing around - the quilt in your previous post is simply beautiful. What a nice remembrance of your trip to Sweden.

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous garden you have - exactly the kind of garden I would like to have once we purchase a home! It must be such an inspiration to your stitching!

  4. Looks like we have sent our summer rain over to you. Sure hope you don't get as much as we did!! Your flowers are still beautiful. Di.

  5. We had two weeks of weather like that! Yesterday was the first day without rain, your garden is akways beautiful

  6. Enjoyed seeing photos of your lovely flowers Radka. Isn't it sad when weather destroys some of them.

    Still recovering here from last winters devastating cold when some things were lost. Guess it was the same for you too.

  7. Absolutely breathtaking flowers again Radka. You certainly are doing the right thing in the garden. I hope the weather is a little more pleasant soon. I know what it means to be looking for rain, and then looking for it to just go!! Thank you, your photographs have made my morning.

  8. Your garden is so lovely, I'm quite envious. what inspiration! Your quilts are lovely, too, and your blog is very interesting.
    best, nadia

  9. OHHH My dear...what a beautiful garden...may I join you today for some stitching lol

  10. You have a stunning garden and the photos are wonderful. Its a shame they way weather makes its play at times but as always the garden will bounce back.

  11. Hello Radka, what a lovely garden -one can see that you are working a lot in it. Wonderfull photos!

  12. Hello Radka, Your garden and the flowers are stunning. I loved seeing the pictures of the surrounding area. What a lovely and interesting place in the world to live. Did I recognise a clematis and a magnolia.


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