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Thursday, 2 June 2011

indian stitchery

This was the name of our Embroiderer's Guild workshop last Saturday, with lovely Tiggy Rawling.
Tiggy brought her "Indian Shop"" with her, with fabrics, felt and threads she dyes herself, and a large selection of embellishments.

We had a choice of making a cushion or a wall hanging, using cotton backing and bright fabrics, which were covered with tulle and then stitching over it, or a sampler worked on piece of felt.

This is Tiggy's tulle cushion.

First of all Tiggy showed us how to stitch on shisha mirrors, so they would not fall out. Her way is much better then I have seen in books, much more secure. It took us a while to get the hang of it, but then we were away!
I decided to make a small felt sampler. I know from the past experience, that if I get too ambitious in work shops, I will not finish the project and it will end up in a draw when I get home.
I used a piece of lovely hand dyed felt from Tiggy's shop.
This is the result.

Tiggy also brought with her various other examples of Indian embroidery to show us.

But my favourite item, the one I fell in love with, is Tiggy's blue quilt.

I promised myself to make one (sometime in the future).

In the meantime, I went home with some purchases from "Indian Shop".

Tiggy gave us a list of books we might want to look at for further information about Indian stitching, but when I got home and browsed through my books, I realized I already have a book on this subject.
It has all the basic stitches and some projects, however the technique for stitching on shisha mirrors shown here is not as good as Tiggy's.

Another lovely stitching day....


  1. Oh My Radka just the type of workshop i'd love to go on.........your piece is stunning and i love the samples as well as what you brought x

  2. WOW, Radka, what beautiful work, different, but bright and cheery. You seem to have enjoyed the day, and I commend your choice where the sampler is concerned, very sensible. Interesting that you've already got a book on the subject. I like the pieces Tiggy has done, and I have to admit to being quite keen on the blue quilt too. You've got a nice selection of wares, should keep you occupied..... As always, it's so nice to read about the workshops you attend. I've never sewn on a shisha mirror, shame on me!!

  3. I do love the look of what you have brought home with you. I bet you will come up with something very colourful and lovely with it.
    I have some shisha mirrors but so far they have sat while i wait for inspiration of what to do with them. I expect they will sit for quite a while longer!
    I like the blue quilt too. It has so many different things on it. Exquisite.

  4. What a great workshop and very interesting projects

  5. Wow look at all the bright colors. It is absolutly inspiring. I love the idea of laying tulle over other fabrics and stitching over it. That part alone has filled me with inspiration.

  6. Thanks for your comment!
    Interesting and beautiful!Beautiful work!
    Our professors not to teach such things!

  7. I'm blushing! Thank you for your kind words. So glad you enjoyed the day and the shisha stayed in place! Result!

  8. You must havehad a wonderful time at the workshop with all interesting and exciting subjects to use. Your result is VERY VERY GOOD=mycket bra:-))

  9. Thanks for the link to here from my question on HEN! What a great inspiration this is for me! -Elizabeth


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