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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

spring quilt - finished

A year ago we spent 2 weeks in a pretty town of Rattvik on the shore of lake Siljan, in Dalarna region of Sweden. (You can read more about our time in Sweden in "Sweden 2010" under "labels" on the left.)
I love shopping in Sweden, mainly for fabrics and items for home.
My favourite shop in Rattvik was this shop, on the main street:
full of things you never know you needed, until you visit.

I visited the shop several times during our stay and among my purchases was a selection of matching fabrics, which I thought would make a nice quilt.

I think this is the reason I love making quilts, seeing the transformation from a few pieces of fabrics

 to something hopefully beautiful and very useful at the same time

The green fabrics to compliment and for the backing, and also the pink for the binding I bought later in Midsomer Quilting .
It took me a while to decide on a design, I wanted to show the flower pattern at its best.
Eventually I found a design in the Magic Patch magazine.
All the quilting was done by hand, which wasn't always easy, due to a more open weave of some of the fabric.

I decided to call this quilt the "Spring Quilt", because the colours of the fabrics remind me of spring.
It will now live on our sofa to keep me warm during chilly summer evenings. It will always remind me of our holiday in Rattvik.

Threads used:
hand quilting : Aurifil 40, shade 2902 light sage
embroidery: Presencia Finca No8, shade 142


  1. The spring quilt is lovely. I really like the rose patterned fabric. It is beautiful. I like that you left the rose fabric big to show off the pattern. I also really love the hand stitcyhed fleur de lis.

  2. I love buying fabric and then later finding or deciding on the perfect pattern and you have done a wonderful job of doing that--just love your quilt--and that clematis bloom is just just beautiful!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  3. Hallo Radka,
    Dein Quilt ist wunderschön und die Rosen auch!
    Greetings from Hamburg

  4. Radka, your spring quilt is divine and beautiful fabrics. I like the hand quilting very much. Di.

  5. Radka, your spring quilt is lovely. I really like your quilting. I cannot get on with machine quilting, so I can empathise with how much time it must have taken you. However. it is more relaxing I always think. And now to enjoy using it.

  6. Beautiful! I love those prints and you certainly get to visit some lovely places

  7. Sorry for my absence Radka. Hope I'm back on track now. The quilt and flower photos are beautiful, as we have come to expect from you. I love the fabrics you chose, and think the quilt design is perfect for the fabrics. Your hand quilting looks so nice, and I'm sure the quilt will make a welcome addition to your home. Also, thank you for the photograph of the actual shop front. I find it very interesting seeing the different street views from all parts of the world.

  8. I love the spring quilt and nice that it reminds you of Sweden.Your handquilting is very beautiful.
    Kram från Gudrun--now on Öland with the grandchildren

  9. "Spring" is the perfect name for your gorgeous quilt and it is lovely that it will always be a reminder of your happy time in Sweden.

  10. and this spring quilt is simply the most delightful spring quilt I have ever seen..yes lol


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