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Sunday, 26 June 2011


It wasn't a good week as far as the weather went, cold and wet, I think you are getting bored with me telling you this. Heavy rain on Friday night, but we knew better things were on the way!

Saturday morning - much warmer but fresh, a good time for an early walk.

Stourhead is the nearest National Trust property to us, and so we visit often. Those of you who have been following my blog for some time, have seen pictures from here before.

"That" bridge

and the Temple of Apollo,

both of them "played" their role in the film "Pride and Prejudice" ( the later version, with Keira Knightley).

It is a time "in between" as far as plants go, the spring flush of colour now gone and the autumn colour a long way away, so colour here is mainly green, but here and there are some unusual plants and trees.

and some more views


Cottages by the entrance to the gardens, one of them is a holiday cottage, which you can rent for your holiday.

The entrance to the courtyard where you can find The Spread Eagle Inn

and an art gallery, in front of which were some interesting exhibits.

Of course we can not miss out the National Trust shop on the way out. Needless to say that we went home with another addition to our garden!


Saturday night and our two grandchildren are staying for a sleepover!


Sunday morning - at last we have SUMMER! And BBQ weather!

Grandchildren have gone home and DH and I are recovering:


  1. Is that a new header photo? so jealous...can identify with being exhausted after the grandchildren s (and children s) visit , I visited Stourhead a few years ago and we came back with all sorts of lovely ideas.

  2. Belas fotos!
    Sou seguidora.

  3. Glad you got a bbq in. Looks yummy. The scenery you showed us is absolutely beautiful. You live in a lovely part of the world, just hope you get some real summer weather now to enjoy the outdoors. Di.

  4. I always love going on your outings with you. Even though there is no colour there is lots of texture.

    Glad you enjoyed some fine weather and some time with the grandchildren.

  5. Thank you for showing your beautiful pictures.

  6. It looks so wonderful at Stourhead and for med very "english".Think you have had a lovely time with your grandchildren and after that some relaxing:-)) I know how it is:-))
    Have a nice week with much sun of course. Here it is sunshine every day now and warm too.
    Kram från Gudrun

  7. Radka, thank you for showing those lovely pictures from England, I spent a year there and I love this country and its parks. I like also your "green" plants.

  8. As always, Radka, I have enjoyed seeing the sights you've got to share. The countryside looks lush and green despite your somewhat dry summer. The old buildings and constructions you have close to you are so interesting. Love your garden photos too, and the BBQ looks scrummy, wish I was there - so much more appealing that our dreary winter here at the moment. Take care, and hope you find the time to stitch soon.

  9. What a beautiful place to visit. I wish we had similar close to where we live. Although I love our Australian bush I do hanker for all things English. Cottages and cottage gardens always delight me.

  10. You bring lovely memories back, dear Radka, after having seen the pictures of Stourhead. Some years ago we walked through this park, full of admiration. At that time I wasn't a keen photographer, so I am glad to see your photos now!
    By the way,you have such a beautiful place to sit and have lunch or dinner.

  11. Beautiful place and old buildings. The flower in your garden is lovely! So many flowers and colors. Great!

  12. It's so lovely to see these pictures of so much lush green and even flowers! Here in southern Oklahoma there's been no rain in...well....forever! The flowers haven't survived the over 100 degrees even if watered and the grass is crispy brown. I enjoyed being reminded that surely our turn for rain is coming!


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