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Sunday, 5 June 2011

wet sunday

We woke up this morning to a very wet day, a very good news of course, it has been so dry for so long, but it would be Sunday, wouldn't it? With the constant winds we have been having, everything is so dry, a big concern for farmers and fruit and veg growers. We have been watering our plum trees, using the waste water from the kitchen, as the water butts were empty. The trees are packed with green fruit, so it would a shame to loose it now. But it has been ideal weather for the strawberries and the grandchildren have been very "helpful" in picking them.

Before last night's rain at last we had a couple of days of "in the garden stitching" weather, so welcome.
I am nearly at the end of hand quilting my "Spring" quilt  and I hope I will be able to show the completed quilt soon.
I have also been collecting some more fabric to compliment the red fabric I bought at the T & T fair and should be able to get started on the "Red" quilt.
In the meantime I have started the first stitchery of the "Scandinavian Christmas" quilt, by Lynette Anderson, which I bought the pattern for after the last Christmas. It was a BOM last year, which I did not "discover" until it was too late to make it in time. With "only" just little over 6 months to go to the next Christmas, it is time to get started! This is such an ideal project to stitch in the garden.

I did not use to stitch "for Christmas", but I enjoyed making the Christmas tablecloth for the last Christmas, I am now hooked. I know the grandchildren will love this quilt/wall hanging!

I wish you all a very good stitching week!


  1. Hola segura que queda un edredon muy bonito Yo tambien estoy haciendo un manbtel de navidad
    Saludos Mayte

  2. Strawberries coming along nicely Radka.......wonderful stitching too for the Grandchildren too x

  3. Don't those strawberries look inviting. No wonder the children are happy to help!! So pleased to hear you are having a little rain now, obviously in need of it. We've had a few warmer days here, just beautiful. Nice to see your 'old' header photo up again, such an inviting place. The stitching looks interesting. Isn't it scary, almost six months of the year have gone!! I'm sure your BOM will fit in with all your lovely Christmas decorating.

  4. ÅÅ ( Ohh) I love your garden ..
    Your project looks very nice !!

  5. It looks great the Scandinavien Christmas quilt. I also love the fabrics very much.
    Hugs from Gudrun

  6. Strawberry is good! Your christmas project is great!

  7. Wow your garden is just so beautiful. Freshly plucked strawberries - yum. I would be fighting the kids for them! The Lynette Anderson project will turn out wonderfully - she always designs some really cute stuff. Enjoy it. Di.

  8. Hello Radka,

    Just been able to catch up on your last few posts.How lush your lovely garden looks in your top photo.

    I always intend to get going with Christmas stitching but now I prefer to be doing it around that time, it just feels right, never ready for that year of course.

    I really enjoyed seeing your post about the Indian stitchery. What wonderful colours, the work is beautfiul and your purchases look exciting. Look forward to seeing what you make with them.

    On the subject of wearing purple, which made me smile yet again. I think I had that rebellion at about 21 when I wore a purple dress with long red stockings. My mother was very shocked and clearly disaproved, she said so too!

  9. I don't do very much for Christmas either. Its more a problem of where do I store it until next year LOL. I love this hanging though and cant wait to see it finished.

  10. Nice - Soon Christmas........
    Nice prosject :-)


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