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Monday, 11 July 2011

fruity Saturday

It is that time of year when summer fruits are in abundance and you just have to do something with them, so I dedicated last Saturday to FRUIT.
The start to the day was very pleasant, with morning walk in the woods and picking (and eating) wild strawberries. We also found our first forest mushrooms of the year. Not a great find, but it is a start.

After the breakfast my kitchen became a production line. I must tell you that my kitchen is very, very small.

Firstly some jam. A friend of mine gave me lots of blackcurrants from her garden,
which I turned into 8 jars of lovely jam.

Apricots and cherries were used in a cake.

A punnet of ripe strawberries became ice cream.

And after all that I decided to make a beetroot salad, just to take a break from the fruit!


  1. Hummmmmm! Everything looks de-li-ci-ous :)

  2. yummy...we are a few weeks behind you, but the fruit is coming along nicely. We have a new white currant bush...not much this year but looks promising. I have never seen white currants in Canada.

  3. Yum! We have only just bought an icecream maker and have made two batches in a week and can see it being heavily used throughout summer too.

  4. I think it all looks yummy too.

  5. What a great post again Radka. I love seeing all the things you make. I know you really live cooking, and how lovely that you have your own fruits to use. Everything looks so appetizing, especially that ice cream!! An exciting post even just for the 'colour'. Take care.

  6. Yum, yum, yum. Got to love summer fruits!! Everything looks delectable. I am particularly interested in the beetroot salad and how you made it. Love fresh beetroot!!

  7. Radka, all your work !!!!and still taking pictures. I often have no nerves to do the photos. A pity - I picked 1 kg of rasperries in the wild garden behind the house and made jam. I made juice of currents, 3 litres, also found in our property in the Vosges ! And no photo!!

  8. What a day - you have made a lot of good stuff :-) You are a great cook.

  9. Mmmmh, what a savourous day you had with all these delicious fruits. At this time of the year we are indeed spoiled with berries and fruits. Luckily we nowadays can preserve them in different ways for winter.
    Wishing you a nice Sunday (here it is raining again!).


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