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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

new books

There are some new additions to my bookshelves I would like to share with you.

Firstly, this lovely book, just published,
"Folk Quilt Applique" by Clare Kingslake.

Back in June I read about this new book, which was due to be published shortly, on Cupcake Cottons blog and I new that I had to have it. The book arrived this morning and I just could not wait to open the package. As I did not know the author before, will I be disappointed? Would it be full of projects I will not have any interest in making, as it often happens when you buy a book you haven't had a chance to browse through?
I was pleasantly surprised. The title is self explanatory. The 20 projects included in the book are all very nice, I would like to make all of them, if only the time would allow! I like all the designs and especially, I love the colours and fabrics Clare Kingslake is using.

"Embroidered Textiles" by Sheila Paine, another recent addition to my home. I say home, because it is the kind of book you want around, to browse through when you are in the mood, so it is living on our coffee table for now.
Quote from the back page: "For lovers of embroidery, collectors of stitch, and even artists working in the medium, this study of pattern will provide rich pickings."
240 pages, 508 illustrations, 362 in colour - it covers embroideries from East to West, their applications, symbolism, meanings of various designs and colours. Have you noticed how much there is of the colour red in embroideries around the world?
"Red is the most powerful, the most vibrant, the most exhilarating of colours: it is the blood of life and of death." "Red threads and fabrics are associated with spirit worship and demons, with youth and marriage, with talismanic charms and secret powers. It is predominant colour in all tribal and peasant embroidery, but is used in two entirely different ways - to protect and to mark."
I have looked through this book number of times now, but there is still so much to see and read. It is a beautiful book for any embroiderer or anyone interested in embroideries.

"Embroidery Techniques from East and West" by Minni Srivastava:

I found this book when I was looking for inspirations after I attended a workshop "Indian Stitchery", about which I told you before.
The book explores Indian embroidery techniques and its uses in the western embroidery, including quilting and beading. This is a very good "follow on" book to my workshop, which I will find very useful.

"Textiles of Central and South America" by Angela Thompson:

"A fascinating exploration of the textiles of Central and South America", design and production, fibres and threads, embroidery, beadwork and various other thread crafts.
Another beautifully produced book for anyone interested in textiles from that part of the world.
I bought this book to help me in a research for a project, about which I will tell you you later, but I will enjoy this book for a long time to come.


  1. You've got some great books and I love the look of the applique one too

  2. This is a very interesting selection of books which I am sure will give you many happy hours of browsing and some fun time stitching. I particularly like the sound of the Folk Art Applique. Take care.

  3. I certainly fancy the Sheila Paine...might have it in out textile museum shop...

  4. Plenty of inspiration in these Radka. I hope you can find time to make some special projects from these. I was very interested to read the quote from the book. I'd never even thought about red being used so much in embroideries. It's funny how you look, but don't always 'see'. Thanks again, all the books looks lovely.

  5. I am sure you will get a lot out of these wonderful books Radka. Thank you for your little reviews on them. Interesting about the red. At the moment it is my fave colour.

  6. The books look very interesting.Hope you will get much inspiration from them.
    Kram från Gudrun

  7. Just happened upon your blog and am enjoying your lovely textile projects while sitting by the AC (it's over 100 F. in Tunisia today). Your collection of books is tantalizing!
    Best, nadia

  8. I can tel from the look of those lovely books that we are going to see some interesting work from you in the months to come to add to your already stunning pieces.


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