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Saturday, 23 July 2011


Our thoughts are with all the families which suffered a terrible loss in Norway yesterday.
We are in a state of shock and disbelieve, Scandinavia is the last place in the world we would expect to hear this kind of news from.
We send our love to all our Norwegian friends.


  1. Your post is so true who would have expected it the Scandanavian countries and the people are so friendly and welcoming. Who would have thought this sort of thing could happen. Are you anywhere near.

    we are all thinking of the families and people affected.

  2. Dear Radka

    So good to know you are ok.

    Everyone in New Zealand sends our love and support to all the people of Norway.
    Even if you are not affected personally, I'm sure everyone knows of someone who has been affected.

    Who knows where or when such horror can happen - it can be anywhere.
    We too think we are safe in New Zealand - but one never knows.

    Love and prayers
    we are thinking of you all.

    Shane x

  3. Yes Radka, it was such a shock to hear and see this in Norway.
    Our prayers go out to the people of Norway for their loss.

  4. The whole world is in shock at this human tragedy. Of all the places I would never have thought this could happen in Norway. I hope the families will find comfort in the thoughts of those from around the world. Just total disbelief here too.

  5. We too are horrified and send our thoughts and prayers also

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