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Thursday, 28 July 2011

summer produce

Shhhh, lets not say it too loudly, but I think that the summer has arrived in our part of the world at last!
Just in time for school holidays, which for most children started last weekend.
Yesterday was a beautiful day and I went with DD and the children to the Pythouse Kitchen Garden, which is near Semley in Wiltshire. It is a very old walled garden, where they grow lots of different vegetables and fruit for the their shop and the kitchen.

There is a very pleasant cafe where you can indulge in a morning coffee and a cake, or stay for lunch...
We arrived quite early and so had the garden to ourselves. DD and I set outside with our coffee and lovely cakes from the Pythouse kitchen, while the children were playing and exploring the garden.

Most of the last week has been taken up with a produce from our own garden - more plums!

I made povidle - a central European plum preserve

summer jam - mixture of plums, strawberries, raspberries and apricots

plum flans, one for now and one for the freezer

not forgetting plum dumplings and plum pastries

 and there is more plums to come!

This is the best plum harvest ever! Needless to say that we have been supplying all the family, friends and neighbours.

I have even found time to make some Scottish baps ( soft bread rolls), just to have some change from the plums!

No time to stitch this week!



  1. Mila Radko, mas to tam v te Anglii moc pekne.
    I k nam se pomalu vraci leto.
    Ahoj z Hamburku :o))

  2. Hello ! Radka, Any wonder that you haven't been sewing this week.The plums look lovely and a very good crop by the looks of it.You have been busy.
    The cooking looks delicious.I think I will come to your house while the plums are on.

  3. Here in Italy it is raining all day and there are 20 degrees,
    already seems to fall.
    Pictures of the vegetable garden are beautiful.
    compliments on the jam

  4. All look delicious. I think come:-)))

  5. Just looking at your wonderful cooking has added a few inches to my waistline and I am not surprised that you havent found too much time for stitching. Enjoy your good weather. Take care.

  6. It all looks very inviting to say the least. I'm sure we'd all like to sample it.LOL

    Wonderful plum recipes you have. Anne

  7. Hi Radka! I am finally back to blogging and catching up wit my friends! I've missed you! That garden and kitchen looks so beautiful...what a lovely way to spend a morning. And your plums look sooo good, and so does all the wonderful things you've made with them. Making my mouth water just looking at it all!

    Have a great weekend, and I hope to "chat" with you soon!



  8. Those plum jams and tarts look soooo delicious. I hope my tree produces this year like yours. Unfortunately as it is winter here will have to wait some months. Your European preserve sounds great to you have the recipe? Or is it secret!

  9. Thank you for the photos of Pythouse Gardens, what a productive garden they have. Of course, not be be outdone by your crop!! Those trees look absolutely laden with fruit. You are certainly making the most beautifully presented goodies. What an expert you are in the kitchen Radka. No wonder you are always so busy!!

  10. To have a kitchen garden like that!!!!! Dreams LOL. Love seeing your baking too


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