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Sunday, 17 July 2011

summer, summer where have you gone?

It is Sunday, it is wet, it is windy and it is not very warm! Now and then we get a day with a promise of summer weather and we even manage to spend some time outside, but now it is back to - spring? It feels like it! The wind is howling through the trees in the garden.
Still, not all is lost, it was our daughter's birthday on Friday and so today we all got together at our house for a family lunch. Even the sun came out for a minute or two:-)
Last weekend it was our granddaughter's 6th birthday. The weather was on our side then and the lunch was in DD's garden!

It is nearly time to "do things" with plums. We picked the first bowl full yesterday. All three plum trees are laden with fruit, but luckily they all are different varieties, so they are not all ready at the same time. Although I don't know how many will end up on the ground after the winds we have been having.

I haven't had much time for stitching this week, but after everyone left this afternoon, I did manage to finish the second block of the Scandinavian Christmas quilt. These are blocks no1 and no2 stitched together.

I wish you all a very good week!


  1. The blocks look wonderful.And about the weather--you send it to us:-)))))))))or:-((((
    Kram Gudrun

  2. I love that quilt- Jo has it down at Cowslip.
    I agree about the weather I think we had summer in April.

  3. We have got the same weather here. Windy and not very warm. Your plums look delicious and reminds me that I need to check on mine. We covered our blackberries yesterday to keep the birds away! I like your Christmas quilt! x

  4. HI! Radka,Your Christmas quilt is going to be beautiful.The 2 blocks you shared are so lovely.

  5. Radka your Christmas quilt blocks look lovely and it sounds like an appropriate project to work on from what you described of your weather. It is windy and a bit damp here but not so cold. Take care.

  6. The Christmas quilt will be lovely Radka. Nice to know you've had a little stitching time at least. The flowers are just beautiful, such a soft pink. And, goodness, you have got a nice lot of plums to start with. I'll be watching for all the lovely cooking you'll do with this harvest. So nice to know people still value good home grown/home cooked. I do wish the weather would behave, for all of us!!

  7. Your summer sounds like a bit of a bummer, Radka. Our summer was the same, only, very, very, very wet. The winter which followed has been very cold. Hope the same scenario doesn't come to you there. The Christmas quilt is going to be gorgeous. Love Lynette Anderson designs!! Di

  8. We must stitch or paint summer on a canvas and frame it - so we know how it looks like - we are again heating and this is a good thing!

  9. Here in North italy we have the same kind of Summer: a lot of rain!

  10. Ahoj Radko - nove velice zajimave knizky, chutne ovoce, moucnik (asi bublanina?)prvni houby a vanocni vysivka - to jsem si zase pekne pocetla :o))
    Hezke leto z Hamburku!

  11. Beautiful Xmas quilt. How big are those patchwork blocks?


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