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Thursday, 4 August 2011

my first ebook

I must admit that I have not paid much attention to ebooks until now. I prefer to hold my book and read it where I choose to sit. As I am not an owner of a laptop, ebook would mean to be sitting in the front of my computer in my room, which I feel I am doing too much of as it is.
So when I was reading on Mary Jenkins's blog about her new book being published as an ebook, I was in two minds about it. But I already have one of Mary's books, "Making Welsh Quilts", which she is a co-author of, and I love this book, so I could not resist and I sent my order in.

"Little Welsh Quilts" arrived yesterday, 2 days after I pressed the button on my computer!

I was exited when it arrived and despite the fact that I did not actually have time to have a good look, I had to load it into my computer immediately to at least have a quick peak.
I love it! No, I can't take it with me to the garden and read while relaxing there (it is raining today anyway). It is beautifully laid out and easy to read, the little quilt projects are so sweet.
But also, it includes video tutorials by Mary herself, which will be very helpful.

Mary talks about her new book and also explains her reasons for publishing it in this way on her blog .

Little Welsh Quilts was published by Rainbow Disks, where you can also order your copy.

Congratulations, Mary!


  1. Thank you Radka. Such lovely feedback is so helpful to a small new company.
    Vivienne Wells (Rainbow Disks)

  2. I am so pleased you enjoyed the ebook Radka. I know there is some resistance to ebooks, because we all love to sit in a chair and read, but it does have advantages which I hope make up for that, for example the ability to zoom in on details and of course video demos. Thanks for taking the plunge.

  3. Radka, you never cease to amaze me with your informative posts. I know about eBooks, yes, but it's not until a fellow stitcher such as yourself makes the effort to 'go see', that I'd take any notice. Thank you, and congratulations to Mary for the ePublication. Perhaps I may look towards this too. Space is often a factor in our homes these days. With a computer with 1TB hard drive, my boys tell me I can have lots of files. Sounds like a plan. Take care, hope the rain benefits your beautiful garden.


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