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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Solveig Hisdal

I used to knit a lot many years ago, but with changing fashion and new stitching interests, knitting needles found their way into a draw. But with so many beautiful wools and designs around I felt recently that I would like to "knit something", but I could not find the right project.
My dilemma was solved when I came across this beautiful book by a top Norwegian designer, Solveig Hisdal.

All the designs in this book are knitted using Norwegian technique (knitting the whole body of the garment in one go on circular needles and then cutting into it for openings ), which I have not done before, but I want to try. It wasn't easy to choose which design to make. Also, the wool used is not available in UK, but I like to knit using the original wool, as it can be sometime difficult to find the right substitute and right colours.
Fortunately I was able to order the required wool directly from the Norwegian manufacturer, Ull.no.
Placing my order on Thursday, my wool arrived yesterday!

I can't wait to get started!


  1. I love that book!
    Kram Gudrun

  2. Hi Radka
    Knitting have been a favorit for me too earlier but I had to stop because of pain in my shoulders. I can´t wait to see the result. Good luck!

  3. Radka, this will be wonderful - I wish you good luck and enough patience - these projects last quite some time - but we are going into winter with long evenings and no more garden work.

  4. Good luck with the project Radka, I'm sure it won't be a problem for you with your experience. The wools looks beautiful, and I can't wait to check out that website. What great service. There is a term for that cutting into, can't think of it just now - it's on the tip of my tongue.

  5. Mmm those wools look gorgeous Radka. Although the cutting into knitted fabric sounds scary! It will be interesting to see your progress with the garment you have chosen. Anne

  6. Wish you good luck with your project.
    I am a norwegian that are used to this tecnique. I think you will find it is timesaving and easy. If you do the stitching well on the machine before you cut, it is no problem. I have knitted jumpers over 20 years ago, and they are still ok:-)

  7. Beautiful colours! Cant wait to see what you plan to knit! I enjoy knitting too. Katherine

  8. This project is going to give you so much pleasure in the coming cooler months Radka. The designs look a bit different and should be interesting to work up.

  9. Just the name of the book is tempting! And what a cover. I'd be tempted pick up knitting needles, too, if it weren't so hot. Happy knitting!
    best, nadia


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