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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Somerset willow

We have come to Wetlands Centre on Somerset Levels to collect a log basket for DS's and girlfriend's new house.

The local basketmakers make high quality products, all hand made, using locally grown willow.
There is also a museum here showing the history of this local industry, and a tea room.
I love baskets and so I love coming here.
Our house is already full of their products, including wicker furniture, but I still love to browse in the shop.

And every time I come here I suddenly remember that I "really need" another basket, and today is no different!

We drove back across the Levels and although it wasn't a day for sightseeing, we decided to make a small detour and visit the Stembridge Tower Mill, built in 1822, the last remaining thatched windmill in England,

which has been restored by the National Trust.

In the garden next to the mills is an old Mulberry tree.

There is also something else growing here.

Do you hang up a mistletoe at Christmas? Do you know how it grows?
Mistletoe is a parasitic plant, which grows from other trees, in this area mainly from old apple trees.

You can see from the spots on the picture that it was raining by then and time to go home.



  1. What an absolutely beautiful place to visit. I love baskets, too, and even though I have quite a few, I would have had to come home with at least one! Did your son and his girlfriend find one they liked?

    That Windmill is so lovely and charming. I am happy that it has been restored and is being kept up...such a legacy from days gone by! And yes, we have Mistletoe here, too. But I remember my grandfather always pulling it out of the trees because he said it wasn't good for them. Isn't it poisonous, too?

    As always, I enjoyed your day out. Thanks for taking us along with you!



  2. How interesting to read and the photos also.What a dream to be able to come into that shop with baskets, I love them too! I think you are very happy with the day.
    Hälsningar Gudrun

  3. Wonderful blog, Radka, it is much fun to read it and enjoy - Also I am crazy about baskets.

  4. A whole shop full of baskets!!
    I would be like you Radka as I love the willow ones too!

    Wonderful old thatched windmill - I'm so happy it is now in the hands of the National Trust.

    I love your header - is this photo of your garden - it's crammed full of all the plants I love!

    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Shane :))

  5. So many beautiful baskets etc. Its lovely being able to travel around looking at wonderful things like old mills, buildings and historic gardens etc.

  6. I wouldn't be able to come away from the shop without a basket. Nice to have a basket for patterns, fabrics or current project. The historic thatched windmill was great to see. A very pleasant day.

  7. Beautiful post Radka and I too absolutely love baskets and have way too many but I am sure I would not have resisted adding to the collection had I been there. Take care.

  8. Hi
    I should never be able to buy anything in that shop. Too many choises!!!!:-) I think that is a age thing to take the decisions. It gives me "Ångest"

  9. I love willow baskets can never have enough baskets ......x

  10. What a beautiful place to visit Radka, and I can see why you would have to have just one more. I'm a basket case too......LOL......and would have drooled over every one in that store. Thanks for sharing it with us. Love the windmill, and to me it looks like an excellent scene to 'embroider'. I remember climbing mulberry trees as a child visiting my uncle's farm. Yes, we do have mistletoe here too, it's a curse. One of the local trees suffers badly because of it, such a shame too, as the misteltoe bird is so pretty. Again, a really lovely and informative post!!

  11. I love baskets also Radka. That Mulberry tree bought back lots of childhood memories for me - we had one in our backyard and I was always getting into trouble with my mother for climbing it and getting stains on my clothes!

  12. Thanks for the visit to the basket shop--I would've bought them out!
    best, nadia

  13. Lovely place to visit, and beautiful baskets! Thanks for sharing!


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