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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

this week's progress

I have at last got to the quilting part of my "red quilt". However, my idea of sitting and quilting in the garden has again become just another silly idea. The weather is not playing this game this year, again it has been very unpredictable, with some heavy rain and bits of blue in between, some very cold winds thrown in. Definitively no warm evenings with BBQ and a glass of something on the terrace.

The autumn is not so far away, may be I should think about Christmas instead?
Back to my Scandinavian Christmas Quilt,
so with blocks 1 & 2 completed,

start of block no 3.

And some progress on the Jacobean embroidery.

With the red quilt at the quilting stage and not being in the Christmas mood just yet, I have an idea in my mind to make a "summer quilt". I have the fabrics, I just need some ideas for a design, or am I getting a bit ahead of myself? The next summer is a long way away, but then - we still could have an Indian summer in September! Yes, I am a natural optimist!


  1. I have always been a fan of Jacobean embroidery.

  2. Naughty Radka, tempting us with those gorgeous fabrics!! I love the leaf photograph, always enjoy seeing 'water', despite how damaging it can be at times. Your quilting design should look really good. I can fully understand no wanting to be caught up in the Christmas thing just yet, but alas, it will be upon us in no time. Your Jacobean piece is looking beautiful. The colours are so rich. Take care, and have a glass of something for me, even if it's only in the kitchen!!

  3. Love your Jacobean embroidery Radka, and those materials are to die for. Would make a beautiful 'summer quilt'

  4. What a wonderful selection of projects you have Radka and I love them all. It is nice to be able to select which project to work on depending on your current mood. Whenever I have been in England in September it has always been beautiful weather so heres hoping. Take care.

  5. Indeed, Radka, we are not being spoilt with our summer weather. And to think of autumn!! I just don't like it yet, although it can be nice and warm - but all those short days and becoming shorter and shorter. But actually each season has got its pros. The important thing is to have enough nice projects running, and you have them.

  6. I've been so busy with mud, dirt, pavers, mulch and a paintbrush that I am sorely missing the needle and thread LOL. Love catching up on here with what you have been creating


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