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Thursday, 1 September 2011

another T for T

It is the first of September today and summer has arrived! At least, that is how it feels today, with temperatures over 20C, without the cold north wind.
An invitation arrived a while ago for the next T for T (Talent for Textiles) fair, the 60th, held in the grounds of Claverton Manor in Bath, home of the American Museum. You have been here with me before. The museum houses the largest collection of Americana outside the USA.
I haven't come here today just for the T & T, but on the day like today this is a wonderful day out, strolling through the museum grounds and having a lunch on the terrace, overlooking the valley below.

The textile fair was being held at the newly restored Coach House and Stables, with a large selection of stall holders, many of them regulars at every TT fair,

and well known, like Fine Cell Work, who work with prisoners and teach them embroidery and patchwork & quilting (majority of the prisoners are men). Please visit their site to read more.
The sign next to their stall says:

"Only those who stitch know what goes on between the soul and the hand that stitches."

Also Jen Jones  from Lampeter was here, with a selection of Welsh quilts,

and many more.

Every year the Museum stages a special exhibition.

This year the exhibition is "Marilyn - Hollywood Icon". It is a story of Merilyn's short life, with 20 of her dresses on show, personal items, photographs and posters. I must admit that without Marilyn in them, the dresses don't seem as glamorous as I expected, which just proves that it is the woman in it that makes the dress! No cameras allowed here, so I can't share it with you.

Some more pictures from the Museum grounds.

I was very controlled with my spending today, simply enjoying this beautiful day.

I came across this beautiful French soap ( my weakness),

a piece of fabric with some damage on it. Remembering how well I used a similar purchase from the last T&T, I did not hesitate,

some small pieces of fabric, which I am sure I will find a use for,

and a small purchase in the Museum shop, for my stash.


  1. I've visited this museum once and I loved it, I will visit it again.

  2. Looks like a truly beautiful place Radka, and the way you've shared it with your photos is excellent. How lovely to see some of Marilyn's beautiful frocks. Love your 'little' purchases, and I'm sure they'll be used wisely sometime soon. It looks like a glorious day, weatherwise.

  3. You're a lucky, lucky girl!

  4. Lovely photos and post Radka. Looks like a nice place to visit one day. Sigh,so much going on the bucket list one may run out of time!! Nice purchases, I am sure they will come in handy one day:-)

  5. What a wonderful day you must have had Radka and how I would have liked to be with you. I have very fond memories of our visit to this Museum when we were last in the UK about 2 years ago. Take care.

  6. Wonderful visit - I enjoyed to accompany you - you know my love for England.

  7. What a nice trip and much to look at.
    The ribbons---So pretty. Red, blue and white, a perfect comination.
    And the weather was very fine:-)).
    Kram Gudrun


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