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Sunday, 4 September 2011

red quilt finished

At the previous T for T last May I bought very cheaply this red vintage fabric, which had some marks and damage. When I saw it I knew that it would make a good start for quilt.
I managed to salvage enough fabric.
Although strictly speaking it is red and blue, I call this quilt "red" for short.
I matched some fabrics from my stash and bought some new, to compliment the red.
I kept the design of the quilt simple as not to detract from the beauty of the old fabric.

This is the result:

The main fabric is unusual shade of red, difficult to match with quilting thread, so I decided to use a pretty shade of pink for hand quilting, which I think worked very well.

Fabric: vintage, from stash and new
Hand quilting thread: Aurifil 28, shade 2440


  1. I love this quilt, a wonderful job !!
    The fabrics are very good togerher.
    Kram Gudrun

  2. Hi Radka! What a wonderful fabric you bought and You have matched it so well in the fantastic quilt. A very very good job

  3. I looked quilt and I said, warm, comfortable, dreaming = are home! That sent me! Congratulations!

  4. You can't beat red, white and blue.
    A lovely quilt.

  5. Radka, you red quilt is beautiful. The pink thread really goes well and doesn't overshadow the quilt itself - really blends well with it.

  6. What a fabulous way to use such pretty fabric - a real find. I think you did the right thing to keep the design simple as it really allows the vintage fabric to shine. Take care.

  7. It is stunning and I love the fact that you have hand quilted it too. Don't tend to see many hand quilted pieces anymore.

  8. Beautiful, Radka. The vintage fabric was a good find and you showcased it well in this quilt. Love the hand quilting. Di.

  9. I love it Radka. You've used your vintage fabric well, and what a clever girl to think of using pink quilting thread!!! I love your tiny quilting stitches. This colour scheme is always so clean looking. Well done, and thanks for having it ready to share with us.

  10. It is indeed a beautiful "red" quilt, Radka. I like the way you used the different fabrics....and the pattern, though simple as you said, but very attractive of course!

  11. Just a wonderful quilt. Great colors.


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