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Saturday, 17 September 2011


It was when I was reading on Gudrun's blog that she has joined My Stitches blog, where they are exploring various stitches, I remembered my scroll.
I know that as an embroiderer I should be exploring and practicing various embroidery stitches, but I am not so disciplined. I tend to explore a particular stitch when I actually need it for a certain project, and only then I have a trial run on a separate piece of fabric. It also has a lot to do with how much time you have.
I few years ago I did stitch a small sampler, but what to do with it after I finished it? And how do I remember the names of the stitches?

So I photocopied the whole sampler onto a piece of paper and wrote on the names of the stitches,

and I rolled up both together into a scroll.


Juliettecherry said...

Thats a good idea Radka. I think we forget stitches unless we use them frequently. Perhaps we have our favourite ones and return to them time and time again. Anne

Gudrun said...

Excellent, Radka!Thanks for showing us the sampler.
Kram Gudrun

Björneslätt said...

Hej Radka.
Kul att du hittat till min blogg. Jag lovar att titta in hos dig fler gånger. Härligt!

Mvh Gittan, Björneslätt

El Olor de Cádiz said...


Anneliese said...

This is a brilliant idea to photocopy the stitches and put their names on the paper. That's certainly the thing which I have to do!

Katherine said...

Such a great idea!

Linda said...

Radka, what a good idea. I would never have thought of something so practical!! I love the way you've attached your sampler to the dowel and made a nice little scroll out of it. It is also nice to see you've kept to one colour whilst playing.

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