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Saturday, 29 October 2011

week's update

Not much stitching done this week, besides the 38 blocks for my Scandinavian Christmas quilt border and they are ready to be joint together.
An autumn project with our granddaughter, she made an Autumn book from pressed leaves and flowers.

Vintage Fair on Saturday, another busy venue.

I came home with a pretty piece of cotton fabric, which will go beautifully with some gold coloured silk, a remnant I found in a furnishing shop some time ago.

You can see a lot more pictures from the vintage fair here.

A parcel arrived from Tiggy Rawling's "Indigo Shop", a lovely selection of hand dyed and block printed fabrics, also threads, shisha mirrors, buttons and shell sequins.

Lots of projects and lots of ideas, all I need now is lots of time!

I leave you with some pictures I took last week at the back of our house.


  1. Everything is just beautiful again of course Radka. Love the pressed autumn leaves, such colour, and used so well by your grand daughter.

    The fair looked busy, and the fabric you purchased is pretty. Also very envious of the indigo parcel!!! I'm seriously going to have to look into that site!!

    Last but not least, the photographs taken from your home are beautiful. I love every one of them - the cows with the misty background.........ahhh... just lovely. Thank you so much for these.

  2. Hallo Radka
    I must say that you live in a VERY beautiful place. How many people lives there?
    I love blue so you can guess what I think about your fabric. :-)
    Today we seem to have a beautiful autumn day. This time last year the snow had fallen . I´m glad it hasn´t this year.
    Have a nice week./Gudrun

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful, full week, Radka! The book your granddaughter made is so precious...I remember making one of those when I was a child. And the antique fair looked like it was a lot of fun...saw some pretty things in those photos! All of the photos looking out the back of your house are so beautiful...especially the double rainbow...you don't see those very often here!

    Have a wonderful week, sweet friend!



  4. What wonders you have done with your granddaughter !!!!!!!!!! It 'surely the best work, my granddaughter doesn't live in my city and unfortunately I see she little .......... Beautiful fabrics, now good job!!!!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful pictures of the landscape.
    See you soon

  5. Here I am Radka on your blog. And it works! Thank goodness - no trouble for you and me.
    I must still tell you that the autumn leaves are beautiful.

  6. Lucky you, your purchased fabric seems to be perfect for a new project. I remember pressing autumn leavess with my four "children" when they were young. A great pleasure in autumn. Your autumn header is gorgeous, I like it very much!
    Wishing you cosy evenings for sewing and stitching!


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