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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

what am I stitching now?

It has been a wonderful week, Autumn decided to wait a while and Summer came back to us, be it for a short while. During the last week the temperatures did not drop below 25C during the day, with wall to wall sunshine. We moved back into the garden, with garden furniture emerging out of the shed again.
Today we are back to the weather we expect in October; misty autumn rain, but last week's respite was so welcome! It gave me a chance to do a little stitching outside again.

I did a little more on my Jacobean embroidery,

finished block 3 and started on block 4 of the Scandinavian Christmas quilt.

I also made a start on my "Summer" quilt, little late in the year, so lets hope I will finish it by next summer! I was inspired to make this quilt by fabric I received from Cyndi's giveaway (formerly of "Bluebird's Wing" blog) earlier this year.

The fabric is "Lovely" by Moda, a really pretty design. I wanted to get some more of the same fabric, but it took me a while to find UK stockist. Eventually I managed to find Pelenna Patchworks , who include "Lovely" in their range of fabrics.

These are the first 3 blocks of "Summer" quilt.

Thank you again, Cyndi, for giving me a start with this truly "lovely" fabric
and GOOD LUCK with whatever you are doing now!


  1. Hello. Your Scandinavian blocks are lovely with the stitching. Your Jacobean Embroidery is very pretty and the colors are wonderful. I also love the start of your Summer Quilt. Happy Autumn. Hugs Judy

  2. Hi Radka! Your Jacobean embroidery is are your Scandinavian blocks...your stitching is so lovely! And I absolutely LOVE the quilt you are making from the "Lovely" fabric....I'm glad that you were able to find more of it. Just know that if you ever have trouble finding something on your side of "the pond", just let me know and I'll gladly see if I can find it for you! Can't wait to see that quilt all finished! :o)



    P.S. Love your new photo in your header!

  3. Your new bloglook is so perfect. Looks great.
    The Jacoben Embroidery ist very beautiful and I do admire people, who are able to do such perfect work.
    Have a nice week.

  4. Oh my! I am sooooo impressed with your work! It is absolutely breath taking!

  5. Love your jacobean and the beautiful Christmas quilt blocks. I have quite enjoyed playing around with a few Moda jellyrolls but find they are so messy LOL the way they moult everywhere! Love the range you are using and the blocks already completed. Wonderful what can be made from layer, jelly and charm packs.

  6. I have always had a soft spot for Jacobean embroidery.

  7. Your summer quilt really is lovely. Nice to hear you had some warm weather. We are still waiting for ours to come!! The Jacobean is looking wonderful, good work!!

  8. Everything you are working on is beautiful Radka, and the 'lovely' fabrics epitomize summer. I love those long, tall, thin Santa's, so cute.

    Congratulations on the new look of your blog. It is just breathtaking. Your header photograph is perfectly matched to Blogger's background. You have such a wonderful knack for colour Radka.

  9. The colours on your Jacobean work are lovely. You have been so busy, that scandanavian xmas quilt is wonderful.

    I admire all the work you do Radka


  11. Just to add my comments too, all you are working on is very lovely. Nice to catch the last days of summer with your quilt. The Jacobean work has lovely autumn shades and I really love it.

    Your new heading is so right for now, and you have added just the right touches with the colours of the threads. Anne

  12. Your work is beautiful Radka and I love the projects you are working on particularly the Jacobean embroidery. Great Autumn theme to your blog. Take care.

  13. I love to visit your "new look" on the blog.It´s so wonderful with the warm autumncolours.Your embroderies are very beautiful, you are a very talent stitcher.
    Did you see the new tablecloth from Northern Quilts with the leaves?I love it.

    Kram Gudrun

  14. Hello Radka,Your Christmas quilt blocks are beautifully embroidered and the Jacobean in lovely colours.
    The new heading is so Autumn.I just love the Autumn landscape with its changeing colours and falling leaves.
    Your summer quilt will be pretty.

  15. Both your projects are very lovely. I didn't it was something called Scandinavian quilts ?!;-)

  16. Oh, my ! what exquisite works I found here. So happy to read your blog...beautiful-beautiful...must read more ;)


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