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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Just keeping in touch really, as I haven't anything to show you.
We are having a wonderful weekend, full of sunshine and daytime temperatures we would be quite happy with in the summer. Very welcome, after a week when we saw a lot of heavy rain, with some local flooding.
I have spent a lot of time in the garden yesterday and today, carrying on in getting the garden ready for the winter.  I emptied pots and hanging baskets, which had geraniums still in full flower, but it is time to get ruthless. The frost could hit any time now.
I even found some small strawberries still trying to ripen, in mid November!

I am at last in the process of hand quilting the Scandinavian Christmas quilt/wall hanging, so it should be ready for Christmas.
I have started to knit a scarf, using the lovely alpaca mix yarn I bought recently. But I wasn't happy with the pattern, so I unpicked the lot and starting again, using a different design and trying out various sizes of needles to see what will work. All this of course takes time, but it is better to get it right at this point.
There is a slow progress with knitting the Norwegian design jacket. Having knitted the lower part, which is a more complicated design, the top part is knitted in two colours only, but the two shades are very similar, so impossible to differentiate in any artificial light. I will have try to find more time during the day to knit this one.

It was also this week when my wonderful large fridge, a friend for more then 20 years, gave up, not a good timing. But of course I should not complain, will any modern fridge last as long?

I wish you a very good week!


  1. Carissima Radka è un piacere sentirti.Anche a casa mia sono bellissime giornate e anch'io ho tanti lavori in corso, dovrei rimanere sempre in non ci riesco,oggi ho camminato a lungo, la scorsa settimana ho visitato un interessante laboratorio di tessitura, se ne hai voglia guarda nel mio blog, è molto interessante.
    Ti auguro una felice settimana, un abbraccio

  2. And a wonderful productive week to you too Radka. The leaf colours are to die for, thank you, more inspiration for this side of the world. VERY hot here, can't keep the water up to everything. I hope you can make time for your quilting, sounds like it will be ready for Christmas. Take care.

  3. Hi, Radka. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Your fall photos are colorful and your Jacobean embroidery is sumptuous--and on silk no less. A knock-out!
    best, nadia

  4. I wish you , too, a beautiful week-end...colored and happy.
    You know the saying : "oldies but goldies " ? ;) ...well, speaking of kitchen appliances it is 100% true. I was in your situation and now I'm the "proud" owner of a new fridge...a very noisy one.:))
    I'm anxious to see your wallhanging, I bet it is a beauty.

  5. Ahoj Radko,zdravím z Brna,u nás v Česku je momentálně silná inverze a o to víc potěšil Váš pěkný barevný blog.Hezké dny Libuše

  6. You're so right, it's quite difficult to do something indoors when the sun is shining and the weather is dry. We too are having an extraordinary November up to now. There was little time for sewing but a lot to do in the garden. Like you I also emptied all the still flowering pots and baskets. Now I am almost (!) ready for winter.
    Wishing you a good new and creative week.
    Best wishes. Barbara


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